Quick tips on advanced guarding

Ok so I’m still getting into the game and I can easily see that advanced guarding is pretty huge.

So it seems simple enough but I often end up doing a backwards dash while trying to advance guard.

Should I input the command after I block a hit? Or can I do it before at all? Is it smart to attempt to advance guard an entire super? Just some sample questions of mine…

I’m coming from blazblue (super shielding) and third strike (parrying) so I must say that advanced guarding in this game is definitely a different ball game.

The way it works in TvC, you have to initially block attacks like normal, then you press A+B+C to advance guard. Against multi-hitting specials or supers, the amount of chip damage taken will be reduced with successive advance guards (you have to press A+B+C repeatedly as long as you’re blocking the attacks to reduce chip damage) and can sometimes prevent losing a character (if he/she only has what looks like red life and no yellow life).

I’m not familiar with BB’s guarding system, but from what I remember from GGXX, you can hold two attack buttons while guarding to prevent taking chip damage at the cost of overdrive gauge.

Yeah, if you’re dashing, you input it either too early or too late. You have to input the command while you’re in block stun, not pre-emptively, like you would in BB or 3S.