Quick Video Question

This is somewhat related to Kaillera. But chances are this is going to get moved. Anyways, what settings do you guys use when you record video files of your matches? I usually play back an input file, and while doing so record a video at 30 frames per second, with sound recorded PCM 22.050 kHz 16bit stereo, all under the native resoultion of the game.

Then after I’m finished editing the video to my liking, I encode the final version at 15 frames per second, with sound encoded PCM 11.025 kHz 8bit mono, still using the game’s native resolution. Which drops the file size down enough that people don’t mind my slow upload. But it does effect the overall quality of course.

So what do you guys use/suggest? And what apps do you normally use?

I use Camtasia but usually my videos end up really choppy…

I see no reason to move this thread. I’m sure whatever info is included will be useful to all. :slight_smile:

I think I’d rather wait longer to download than watch something at that quality.

Okay then… care to suggest a quality that would suit you better? What’s the minimum you’d find acceptable?

i use at least 30fps with HyperCam2 since thats the highest it goes without giving me a warning