Quick wake up, but delayed by 5 frames

Air Ryu mentionned in his blog that you can do a quick wake up on knockdown but delayed it by 5 frames. He dosent really explain how to do it. Anybody know how to do it ? Thx

I dont know how to delay it exactly 5 frames but to delay you can use the plink/piano method. Instead of pressing two buttons as soon as you land, press the first button then press the rest kind of using plink timing. Most likely you would be delaying about 3-4 frames this way, unless you press the 1st button exactly on the 1st frame.I try to plink the 1st button with a following pair to make sure it comes out, for ex: HP~MP+LP. A plink is generally always 1 frame late(I think).

Edit: Press the buttons like your trying to do Viper’s tk cancel. It should look like this
That should get you pretty close to the 5 frames.

It’s just about timing. Try to press the buttons/stick exactly when you’d get up from a quick get up. And then try to drift a little to press it very slightly after that. You can get immediate feedback if you press it too late, as you won’t do a quick get up. Unfortunately, you won’t really get any feedback if you do it too early.