Quick Weight Slots

Well just sitting here pondering on what i can do while i wait another long 2 weeks to get weight slots from ART.
anybody have any quick ghetto suggestions

Tape a bunch of pennies inside the case while you wait.

self adhesive wheel weights

my T6 is weight modded like this :stuck_out_tongue: $2.50 in pennis FTW

Lol tape a bunch of pennies you say kk will give this one a go.
Baysics im going to google your suggestion
Asolite do you have a picture of your stick that you could share

the grey blobs are rolls of pennies poorly taped into the stick. they stay in place just fine though :wonder:

if you’re wondering, this is a PS3 T6 Wireless stick with the wireless gutted and a PS360 thrown in

Wow thanks brah!
i wouldn’t say thats poor of all…
lol im not even going to share the thought of how i was going to do my stick lol ill just keep that idiotic idea to myself lol

I remember doing that to his stick :3
2.50 cents adds approximately 1.3 more pounds to the stick than before