Quick Yang Sketch

Just a quick boring sketch of Yang. I wanted to test out a new brush pen I bought. I think I like it :slight_smile:

Nice work

I can’t see too many things off on this piece. although the lack of structure in the hands does stand out. I’d go back and practice those a little more. The line work isn’t too bad.

The shading on the left hand makes it look like he only has 4 fingers to me.


nah i dont find any problems here really- on the left hand- its a pose that can be made pinky and ring finger it looks small…but you can get away with it on this one…overall good Job as usual Ron…great way to explore new mediums
.As you said about Boring Yang …lol… IMHO - Yun and Yang are Cool…representing urban street youths with style- on the Skateboard and Rollerblades…but once those objects are taken away they do become a little bland- My take on them is that they are too similar personality wise, and should have given one of their attitudes a bit more of a kick to truely separate them as individuals…:stuck_out_tongue:

nice pic… nothing to complain about (finger in shadow nonwithstanding ^_^). good stuff :wink:


aside from whats been said, my only crit is that in my opinion his waist should be a little thiner. Hope you dont mind but I edited your pic a little bit so you can see what I mean. other than that, Nice job! :slight_smile:

Yep, Dr. Spr0cter had a good point.

I’d also add that the hair is kinda disturbing. because part of it just falls illogicly sideways instead of standing firm, pointing forward, like Yang’s hair usually does.

And big WTF about his right hand, I tried doing that and hurt myself.

Anyway, I like it. It seems that pen really works :stuck_out_tongue:

I see yang… And a little fei-long and Guy smashed in.

Damn, this place is lively again. Usually I post something and I don’t get this many replies in a week, lol. Thanks for all the comments :slight_smile:

Heh, I agree with everyone, the hands are kinda wonky. Lol, the right hand is supposed to be doing that two-finger poke thing that Gen does, but it looks more like he’s doing that thing where you use your thumb to make your hand talk.

Gunstar: They got a little personality. Yang’s got a cat ^_~ I agree though, I think it would have been better if they made Yun kinda goofy and extroverter while Yang was quiet and just played with his kitty.

DocSproc: I can dig it.

Brain Digger: Oh yeah…his hair goes forward… Heh, I must admit I didn’t look up any character reference, and I guess I just forgot how his hair is really supposed to go.

SOmeone help me out, im not heavy into posting in message boards, so i never learned how to post images, id like to start posting up my art work for review here. anyone help me out?

First of all, if you’re gonna post on a message board you should know that if you have something this off topic, you should make a new thread for it or ask at whatever available new user help thread.

Anyway, here’s what you do. You scan your drawing with a scanner or take a good shot of it with a webcam/digital camera and save it in JPG/JPEG/GIF format on your hard drive, then can either use the “Attach files” option while you post or you can get an online server like Photobucket to host it for you and then copy the address near “Url” and paste it here.

CHAINwhore, I can’t belive you forgot how YANG’s hair went :eek:

Guess you’re not a very observant gamer.:rolleyes:

Thats a fine sketch chain. I don’t really see anything wrong with it axept maybe the hand which was already pointed out.

I think that if you follow too much of the style guide of what street fighter characters lool like, then you lose your own style. I can tell you draw life figures alot because of the wide waist and more realistic features. I think you did a good job in your own interpretatin of yang.

thnx for your help. I didnt make a new thread because I didnt want to fall into the duplicate thread trap, sounds silly, but i know thats a no no around here. thx anyway.