Quickest and Most Inexpensive Way to

… change the ball top on a Tekken 5 Anniversary Stick to a bat top?

I have never opened up a stick before, so if there is a screw-on option that would be great.

buy a sanwa ball top? usually comes with the adaptor…


So I can buy any one of these bat tops with an adaptor and they will fit?


Other than Lizard Lick, are there any other places online that I can buy the bat top and the adaptor without having to pay an arm and leg for shipping?

Check modchipman and gamingnow.net

I’m a sucker for cliffhanger titles…

Thanks for all the help, guys. Now I’m just waiting for an email from ponyboy.

Ask ponyboy a.k.a. Rollie Electronics for a quote too… depending on where you live, it miiight be cheaper than Lizard Lick. (Chad at Lizard Lick is a super nice guy though and he’ll always give you the best deal he can.)

Hahaha :smile: