Quickly Made Avatar


I am a beginner at this, and I own a Paint Shop Pro 8 program. So I made this avatar on it. I made it relatively fast, and I just want to show you all what I could do so far. Please, if you have any opinions or suggestions, please state them. I know, it’s kind of messy and it’s really easy to make, but I’m just a beginner. So here it is… :lol:


So it’s really that bad, eh? It’s so bad, that nobody cares to post any suggestions. Okay, I see how it is… :bluu:


Looks pretty good for a beginner, especially if it was made quickly. Keep on practicing.


Yay! Some one appreciates my quickly-put-together work. Thanks Valek. I’ll be working on some more, but I’ll put a lot more effort into them, though.