Quiet arcade stick buttons

Hi, can anyone advise how i can make my sf4 te arcade stick buttons quieter. Are there quiet buttons out there?

Iam married and mashing out of throws or pianoing throws is just too loud at 0900 in the morning.

Thank you.

i do not this there are unless you mod them with some sort of cushion. as you know the sanwa buttons have the plastic base with the plunger plastic pretty much hitting each other which makes a contact noise. then there the microswitch like the happ which is a bit louder IMO…nothing you can do about those. i guess let your fingers rest on the buttons and use precise and light presses…idk what to say but i am not sure if i have ever seen quiet buttons…it is part of the arcade experience…if they do go quiet…they are prolly wearing out or starting to stick…but again. i dont know and someone else will prolly have a more correct answer

@Guile- I’m with you on this as well. I have a kid of under a year old, and the crib is close to the gaming area. I’m coming from an Agetec Dreamcast stick to a TE, which is a good amount quieter… but still, not quiet enough. I’m going to start looking for an option too.

Thats the reason I don’t have kids! So I can mash away at all hours of the day :-P.

Just play on pad if sound is a problem.

It’s not the same. This is coming from a pad player my entire life with no use of joysticks until the past 6 months. I hate using a pad haha.

@ WildWon and @Guile75

i work 2nd shift and when i come home from work people are usually sleeping. i get loud on arcade stick in moments of intense online battle. i practiced precision. dont tap buttons, press them. not rapidly, but with one precise press. it help with your link/combo game in the long run too.

Have you tried putting a blanket or something over your hands to dampen the sound?

It seems possible in my head…

Putting a blanket or a towel over your hands sounds like the most feasible idea. Lining the inside of your stick with foam or something should also help a bit, if you wanted to get a little more involved.

If you’re confident in your DIY and crafting skills, I guess you can make a bushing that goes inside the cylinder that the plunger will hit when you tap it down - you’d have to make it pretty precisely for it to be effective, but not interfere with the button function.

i do that. it gets a bit warm after a while

make a soundproof enclosure for your stick? lol

I’ve heard coating the inside of your arcade stick with dynamat decreases noise.


^ those exists? lol.

for those who play in a seperate room, why not just sound proof it

Soundproofing will work great, but it’s a bit involved =P.

And if you were wondering why standalone soundproof rooms exist, they’re usually used for recording studios and the like.

(Easy DIY soundproofing - get some insulation foam at home depot and just line your walls. Looks ugly, though.)

One idea you might try is using leaf switches.
Short Leaf-Switch Style
Now if you want to mount them in your TE… That is another story. You might need to use sanwa hole plugs and drill into the holeplugs to get them in your TE, and I’m not sure if it will work.


Also leaf switches I hear feel different and are only available in concave.

Thanks very much guys, i will have to consider some of these ideas, i have a pad but i dont like it, i like the idea that if i press rather than tap the buttons it will asist in my link combo execution, leaf switches, foam, oxygen chambers, thai women and soundproofing, hmmm lots to think about.

Thank you.

I had that problem too. I did one thing that helped.

I added insulation to the inside of my TE. It added weight which I wanted but also dropped the noise level.

I fair amount of the noise comes from the echo from inside the case, especially if their is metal involved. It won’t reduce it by much but it helps.

I found these microleaf switches.
Micro-Leaf Arcade Pushbutton Switches [MICROLEAF001] - $2.75 : GroovyGameGear.com, Always the best in Arcade, Jukebox, Kiosk, Gaming and Industrial controls

I think you can replace these on Yenox buttons. If you somehow cut the center plastic in the TE where the 8 holes are you can fit these in there.
Yenox Pushbuttons

No idea if you will like the way they feel.

@Guile75, if you wanna try pushing instead of tapping, I’d suggest Seimitsu buttons. They’re more firm than Sanwa and you can rest your fingers on them without registering an input.

For WildWon perhaps there’s another easier solution, sound dampening baby earmuffs. On their recommendations page they seem to suggest that children as young as three weeks have been known to use them. I’m not sure how comfortable they are so they’re probably not an all day solution. However when they are worn, they probably help keep the child just that much warmer and protect the wee lil’ one’s mind from what I’ll refer to as “game over speech.” Might also be nice to have around for general purpose noise protection, say if heavy construction starts right across the street outside your home for instance.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend the same for Guile75, attempting to get women to change their habits in order to accommodate yours can only end in embitterment and/or heartache. Maybe not right away but it’d inevitably crop up in a not so pleasant discussion sooner or later. Same goes for any visible eyesores that might be in relation to your personal habits.