Quips of Knowledge About FG's From Eckostyle's Mother

My mother is the most intelligent person I know, bless her soul, but when it comes to video games, the results are unbelievable. Abridged, but all true.

Mom: Why are you letting him hit you?
Me: I’m not letting him, I made a mistake and he took advantage.
Mom: Then why risk it? Just block the whole time.

“I don’t know why that man is grinning while he’s gets beat up, Jamaican’s are not like that, those Japanese people need a better understanding of the world.” - Commenting on Dee Jay

(Watching me fight Guy vs Blanka. The only games she plays is stuff like Myst games and Heavy Rain/Alan Wake.)
Mom: Whos the good guy and bad guy?
Me: Um…It’s hard to say.
Mom: Then why are you fighting each other.
Me: Well, story isnt that important in a fighting game, they take a lot of liberties and stuff.
Mom: Oh, well, I’m not surprised you only had to pay $40 for this, then.

(While I play online.)
Mom: Oh, you’re online again? Fighting some guy in Japan?
Me: Nah, I’m fighting Erik.
Mom: Doesn’t he live just a few blocks away, Ronnie?
Me: Yeah, so?
Mom: Why can’t he just come over and play here?
Me: More convien’t this way.
Mom: You going to get as fat as he is with that mentality.

Anyone have any of their own? Double points for girlfriends quips.

haha keep 'em coming

She has a point there you know.

Offline > online.

Fat > not fat