Quite of topic.....


Hi everyone, been a while, new job and a new house got in the way.
This is not specifically a shoryuken question but I’ve got no real response from my other forums, (Android,psp) so here goes.

I’ve got a pspGo as my main source of music in my stereo setup, through a genuine Sony dock.

I had been using a paired PS3 controller, but I’m looking for a more elegant solution.

I thought maybe the PS3 remote would pair but I doubted it and can’t find any info.

Maybe one of those small universal Bluetooth PS3 controllers on eBay (again can’t find info)

I thought I might be able to pair my smart phone but all I’ve been able to find is wats to control the smart phone with the psp not the other way around.

Then I thought of you guys, pad hacking and how you find know of weird peripherals.

One thought was if the PS3 had a Bluetooth midi player like the madcatz Xbox 360 one?

And last thought just padhacking a PS3 sixasis controller in as small form factor as possible? Or if possible into a remote?

Any ideas guys?

Thanks so much :slight_smile:


…why can’t you just pair a PS3 remote with it again? Because that’s what i’d try to do. I don’t see why you couldn’t.

Edit: Oh and PSP Go? Uhhh. I’ve owned all (5) PSP models released and the Go is by far the worst. The tiny, chicklet, stiff controls were very uncomfortable. Plus it can’t use the photofast adapter either. So you never get 128GB+ storage on it like you can with the regular PSP.

The Go is one of my favorite examples to cite how compactness can be a bad thing. There’s a limit to how compact tech can become before it becomes a hindrance and a pain in the ass to use. Maybe if you’re exclusively using it as a “console” with PS3 pad and TV-out. Otherwise, forget it. They should have made the Go a little larger in order to accommodate larger controls like what the full size models had. The full-size PSPs practically had the D-Pad and buttons transplanted directly from a PS2 dual-shock. Much better. And the revised controls found on the PSP-3000 and E-1000(PSP-Street) models were the best.


I can use a PS3 controller but as a simple media remote it’s not what I want and I was hoping for a solution.
As for the pspgo vs the others, I have a psp 1000 and psp 3000 as well. And I like the compactness of the pspgo, it fits easily in my pocket, it’s smaller than my phone, and I don’t find the controls a problem. That being said I use mine almost exclusively as a media player…

By PS3 remote I meant the Bluetooth media remote not the controller