Quiting Vega?

few points i would like to blow up

stun is meh, 100 pts less than 100, but whatever.

Health is good, 1000 points. sure with the mask you use a little, but its not even that bad, or an issue

lacking an AA special isn’t as big as an issue as you make it out to be. its not going to automaticly give him SRK properties becasue its a charge, and Vega is incapable of putting barriies that force the opponent to jump when you simply hold down back.

sure he definetly needs a reliable normal AA that isn’t situation, and works more than 80% of the time. \

This nigga deals big damage if you know how to do it. Every body in the game deals big damage only with them hard links. Vega can only do big damage though, chainable jabs would easily make him really stupid even with the lack of tools he has in this game. this game, isn’t equipped to handle chainable jabs on the calibur of Vega’s.

ill be back, but yeah, bitch about real issues please. not issues presented to you because of execution error’s or spacing errors.

Have you never played against a good Yun or Yang or Rufus? You can only just block and wait. Nothing other than that. The same goes for any jump in. You don’t have any good option on your wake up if some jump in is coming.

Like Ultra after a shoryuken or buffalo? Or super after a sumo headbutt? Or jhp-hp- psycho crusher? Or merely doing the super after a cr.mk?

I didn’t get what you mean by that.

I believe he means Vega’s jabs have the longest reach of any character, and making them linkable into each other would be dumb.

this is such a sob story

you wouldn’t need an invul ST if all his grouned AA normals worked. This game, has made it very clear that character Y is supposed to specialize in ability A, but lose to ability b. However that isn’t often the case. Lazy ass patch’s have ensured that. So in theory Vega shouldn’t be put in such a situation to begin with.

BTW, how much is cr.lp, cr.mp, something xx Headbutt - Ultra? like 350-370 damage. Or ff.hk - cr.hp - cr.mp xx HP. SRK xx FADC xx Ultra 1, which is about another 400 damage. Oh wow, what damage. that is almost the equivalent to a jump in combo by Vega, which only requires 1 meter and no FADC cancels. And its once per game. come on, ryu lands his Ultra of AA SRK’s or reversals. Big deal.

as for the jabs, imagine chainable cr.lp. Just think about that, and put it into the context of this game, its quite hilarious, and would make Vega’s cr.lp better than Gorlab’s jab.

BTW, Joz is right.


he does have AA normals, but you have to juggle like 6 diffrent ones, so its obvious that the lack of AA normals that you feel he lacks is on you, not the character. Now had you said, make his grouned AA normals better, so he doesn’t have to juggle 6 diffrent moves and guess which one to use, then it would be diffrent. but you didn’t so that’s on you.


I can land combo’s. I can land 1,200,000+ combo’s in MvC3. Most of them heavily spacing dependent, character dependent, situation dependent, meter dependent, character line up dependent. But hey so what, if I don’t know how to approach with somebody, big deal. Combo’s don’t make you better. L2P before you learn “BIG COMBO’S”. It won’t do you any good.\


based on what i have read, you don’t know how to use the tools presented, and a lot of the issues you have are because of your inabilities. they just happen to be severly magnified vs match ups where Vega is at a disadvantage.

and chainable jabs? wow, im not one for mid tier balance, but come on. it would be more retarded than TK block strings in SF4.

thing is almost all of vega’s normals are anti-air
st.MP, st.MK, st.HK, cr.HP all works. the thing with these anti-airs are you aren’t really anti-airing them when they are jumping in at you, but when they are trying to jump to close in a gap.
vega has the tools to keep out any rush down characters so just do that. like against viper, if you can’t handle all her mixups then just don’t put yourself in situations where she can start going nuts, and I feel the same can be said for rufus and yun.

For the love of god, cry me a river!

Play El Fuerte.

sometimes playing vega frustrates me but will i give up? no. I love this character so i’mma play him no matter what

Claw was the second character I ever took seriously, I moved on to another character and that was 12 characters ago.

Meanwhile and more importantly does anyone have an umbrella?

I am really wondering how many years have now been since you started to play fighting games? Most probably more than 5 years for most of you. And I only have 2 years. Isn’t these uncertainities normal for a person with little experience? “Is it me or the character?” “Is the game unbalanced?” “Don’t I have anything to do?” “Should I main someone else?” etc. What is this harshness for and giving no encouragement? I just wanted to see what you people would suggest, if I should quit or go on with him based on your experiences when you were not that experienced…

kinda hard to play the pity me thing and expect encouragement at the same time.

I’m considering quitting but there’s multiple reasons for it

-It’s not fun
Because like you it pisses me off when i play someone who is seriously inferior and yet I still lose
Because online sucks ass both in the connectivity department and in the skill department. It’s great for learning a new character, but crap for trying to improve past scrub level. Doesnt mean it cant be done. It just means it’s crap for it.
Because Capcom is getting old with the tease new rebalance deal then just leaves Vega be.
Because there isnt much of an offline scene around where I live (for someone that plays on pad)
Because almost every matchup has been exactly the same for the last 3+ years.
but mainly
Because it’s just not fun anymore.

I think that’s the difference, because I got no “harshness” when I said it.

You expect pity and I’m kinda just tired and bored.

Or maybe they just ignored mine because they know I’ll be back. I dunno. I’ll see the final changes and go from there. All I know is something needs to change. Either Vega needs to change, I need to change, or my scene needs to change.

That’s exactly what I mean and my reasons. I didn’t intend to write in a “pity me” sense, but now I read it again, it really seems like that, yeah. Sorry for that. I definitely want some ideas on how to go on developing, not pity.

I can assure you also won’t be able to give the man up. I have been trying some other characters. No. Noone gives me the thrill like Vega. They are boring as hell.

Can you by any chance be VegaFabioLaCerda? His other nickname is Vegaman :slight_smile:

i’ve only been playing for two years

I am back to him of course. Who was I fooling :smiley: Some mod can remove this tread

I can never imagine myself quitting Vega.

All the other characters look boring which would cause me to quit playing SF4. -_-

Another Vega down!

Celebration time boys!

Wrong place to cry nocturnal…either they’re too ignorant to listen, they like to argue and make complete asses of themselves (like some guy who said any loss of collective health is no big deal -_-. Must not watch enough SF matches where it comes down to the last string of health), or are Vega fanboys and will defend him to the death. Or, they’re just the typical SRK.com users who like to troll and push their weight around on the internet because they can’t be seen or touched, and no one can do a damn thing to them.

So take your complaints elsewhere, you’ll never win here.

Yeah that was what was gonna happen to me. Now I have decided to go on with him.

See above and above the above.

Anyway I’m back to the slicing. You can ignore this tread.