Quitting: I dont like MK9


With no sign of this game coming to either PC I don’t see any reason to keep playing it if its not going to come to real hardware or the fact we’re respecting the contracted Unreal engine with Gamespy servers and Xbox Live online (hint: they all are fucking bullshit consumer traps).

Its not unfair that I don’t like consoles. I’m willing to take on Street Fighter over MK just because AE came to PC and now that I got a free code from Evo I can play on my laptop and on my keyboard - my peripheral of choice.

So thanks MK, I asked Ed Boon for a PC version, he copped out and I asked NetherRealm at Evo and they also copped out. You don’t have any control of the game your making?

Why the fuck should I bother trusting you have any control to balance your game than either?

Or patch it for that matter…

The best community for this game is the PC community.

Consoles stagnate, are expensive to patch and have too much load times/lag/disrespectful players.

Coming from Starcraft the online community for this game is atrocious.

So as much love as I have invested in this game as I have; buying 3 copies for myself and friends. Thanks to attending PDP having 3 arcade sticks from PDP at one time 2 were won just randomly from attending (sorry but… what a fucking nightmare this stick has made my life).

So from playing this game on Xbox and PS3 for MLG as well as PDP and then Evo again.

I feel I just payed a lot for a game that I really disrespect the platform for.

I know console is the generic home audience but thats not me and as far as I’m concerned until this game or any game from Nether Realm for that matter is off PC than its off my schedule.


This game leaked onto the web via .iso format on April 14th, 6 days prior to release in stores.

This was short after talks of preventing piracy by only releasing on home consoles.
Suck a fat corporate dick.

I’m almost apalled in my shallow lack of logic love for this game. I even picked a character that I liked the marketing for. What a fucking swine consumer asshole I am.

Maybe I’m just making excuses but my will to play this game is ever decreased.

I’m looking to sell my PS3 with MK9 with unused online code. As well as my Xbox 360 with MK9 and unused online code. Also have a PDP stick new in the box that I won from sticking around with my thumb up my ass. If your feeling my salt from this post than thanks I put a lot of that into this.

evo monitor & my full setup for sale; mk9 and codes included




Your game is not on PC. PC is the best platform to stream and watch games on.

When a game has a lot of loading screens, viewship decreases. Your game loads a fuckton.

Game on PC = Easy to Stream on PC
Game with a lot of Streams = Esports Friendly
Games on console = Are not Esports Friendly

Real Esports are on PC, take a look at the GSL. Sip it in.




Save it for @scrubquotes buddy.


lol what an opinionated post full of useless facts…