Quitting MVC2

evo will be the last tourney i enter

Your MSP Challenge will not die. I will take it over with BB Hood/Doom/IronMan.

im quitting mvc2 too.

may i ask why?

i think many long timers that been playins mvc2 loose the perspective just having fun when playing mvc2. i’ve seen many many, n even me get to the point where its not fun for whatever reason, they play too serious where mvc2 is like a chick who just socked another dudes dick, just an semi-exaggerated example here. i just play casual now and have fun win or loose

btw BB hood wad up dawg, hope to see ya rip shit up again this year at evo, ur one of the very few players that impressed me at evo, holla back homey!

well thanks for asking.

I’m quitting because I’ve done what I wanted to do. I beat Potter in a 200 dollar money match. I perfected Clockwork. I gave reset a 9 game lead race to ten and won it. and I made some of the most succesful combo videos out there. (meikyusousui)

There’s nothing left for me to prove.

LOL I thought you were serious for a sceond.

so?? are you supposed to be missed or something??

i like guywongsta over you anyday of the week

shit son, i quit Marvel in 2002

i could tell by your spiral!!! LMAO… good games Nam, Nam for team WC for marvel! bbhood/im/juggz FTW

i don’t have the dedication to be competitive anymore…i’m an OG player from 2000 when the game first came out…when Soo was in his prime, when no one knew who Yipes was, when Finesse used Sent/IM/Doom lol, when there was a TEAM SOO (Mags/Cable/Psy), when Potter actually looked like Harry Potter, and etc… everyone’s taking the game too seriously now, everyone’s in it for the money, but yeah, thanks for the concern, i hear you’re one of the best so good luck at evo…

dander, GTFO my thread you stupid fck

oh shit he’s seen me. im out this bitch.

Sup, I will try to rip shit up this year at evo. Good job at winning Evo South MvC 2 btw. I want to play you.

this sounds like an April fools. >=]

hahahaha, nah i’m pretty serious about it, i talked to bbhood yesterday after the cal poly tourney… i did REALLY good at the tourney yesterday , and then i forfeited cuz i got bored and i’m pretty tired of going to 8 hour tourneys…

WTF! I talked 2 u fri. you didn’t say anything. Now u gotta teach me Mag

^^^^ for sure, i want you to start using mag/im/sent, and enter tourneys under guywongsta jr. hit me up and i’ll run games with u whenever

evo will be the last tourney i enter

wad up homey, i think we played in 2005 evo, and some d-pad player had the button config all wacked up when i plugged my stick in, my assist order was switch n sheet. but been tryin to stay hype for evo man :bgrin:

Oh yea, I remember you. I haven’t made it out of the pools the past two evos though. So maybe we can get some casuals in. You going to Evo West?