Quitting SFIV, and it's because there is no competition

This is the most unfortunate thing for those who don’t have local arcades to go to for competition on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. I’m just sick of playing online after having a crapload of matches (talking 100+ here…) over the weekend with some buddies of mine. These days we meet up about once every 3-4 months for gaming.

This has made me want to stop playing online altogether. I can’t find the online experience fun anymore :wasted: I am able to tech much more throws and my execution is top notch in local play. My execution is surprisingly top notch offline compared to online. I honestly thought some people were exaggerating with the online hate but WOW! it’s an entirely different game in local play.

I envy those who have even a decent arcade scene near them. :tdown: I am extremely jealous.

i understand… but altogether. i don’t think anyone should play online unless its for mindless casual shits and giggles. in my opinion, online makes you worse of a player, and its not real competition.

lets say you land a solid lunch on a opponent and must link it to a ultra. and because of lag, you were not able to time the ultra on the dropping opponent properly. well, thats okay if its just dinking around online. but when it comes to serious competitive play, there cannot be any LAG at all because in sf4. timing is VERY strict when countering, linking, etc.

just my 2cent, its either play online or find real local competition. no one will care if you’re good or not if you only got online cred. makes you wanna live in japan just alittle bit to feel the real competitive scene eh.

edit: try to find local players with these srk forums as well in the regional matchmaking. thats what i did, a few years ago before even sf4 was even release. arcades and street fighter was completely dead. but there were a few individuals that still played. you’re playing in a good time, sf is in a boom. wait a few years and you’ll see whose the real sf cats that are still playing. sf ain’t no fad

yah wish i had an arcade too

Playing online, despite what other people will think and say, does make you better. It gives you match-up experience and when lag is very minimal, helps you learn to fight different types of players. No two people play a character the same and not knowing how to fight different types of players will show through during tournaments.

Norcal has a sagat that plays majority online and he actually did decently at tournaments in norcal and evo. I doubt it was ALL online play but the big majority of his practice came from online practice.

yes, because every match lags. elitist fucks

Get KOF12.

i agree with you, but i swear you cannot get fair by just online experience. you need real competition with real pressure and execution and everything is on the spot. you even feel your opponents vibe more and the mind games are more intensified. i don’t care how good you guys are online, when you play with some very experience players. online and competitive are NOT the same thing. one of the best players in our city is just fucking amazing and has a killer fei long, but cannot play online. because hes a old school player and he has that strict timing sense that he cannot tolerate online. even if theres minimal lag, there cannot be NO lag.

no don’t get kof 12, thats even worst. i like kof alot, but i don’t like the new kof. thats just my opinion, but the matter of fact is that kof 12 has the worst online ever.

cool story bro

lol, i don’t know if thats a compliment or a making fun. but i don’t care, i threw in my suggestion.

“Cool story, bro”, much like most abrupt replies, is not a compliment.

change your location son

Yes. Online, every match DOES lag.

You guys(Arkeen, Stay Crispy, ahkeen, megadeth) should come to MVC2, it’s fun, good online connect, and really easy to play…Stay away from Ryu/Sakura/Wolverine, since they’re god tier…

Throw tech online I think is the absolute best candidate for “online sucks”.

Sometimes they just don’t fucking come out online for no reason whatsoever - it’s obnoxious.

is that why you’re so scrubby online?

Because of Street Fighter? Lol … Just lol.


Some people wanna be the best more than others. Just cause you’re not willing to relocate, doesn’t mean others aren’t. Hell, Jwong flys all over the country, to other countries and never turns off his ps3/xbox and it’s obviously working for him.

Lol, if you say so.

well, i don’t entirely spend so much time online but I’ve been recently cuz I gotta get up there to G1 . . .but no where close to it. I’ve dropped out for so long and then played some and dropped out again. Now it IS not as fun because of the way people are playing online too besides the lag. I’ve went from 7500+ GP to almost 10000 GP now with my Gief. Ever so now and then . . . i come across a horde of Ryus, Sagats, and Kens. Just a matter of fact, I just played today and i swear to you guys i ended up fighting 7-8 Ryus and Sagats . . . back to back. Were they all good? Hell f-ing no, they were garbage. I lost a lot but still they have no skills except throwing a gazillion fireballs/jump kick/srk/fireballs.

Some even have the nerve to taunt me when i’m just standing there absorbing fireballs and dodging them for fun. I get hit at times but eh . . . boring to play against those scrubs. So yeah all-in-all it is definitely getting boring to play. I have a friend whos brother (in my opinion) plays a RYu just as good as Diago . . and he kicks my butt without throwing more than 3-5 fireballs in a MATCH!! He’s got skills.

I think online play would stay strong and addictive when people start to play a real fight and I mean no gazillion fireballs shit game cuz that is just gay fighting. I’ve played against a Gen today and got my butt kicked really good. He was good!! So only those few that play a real match ups are worth the fight and i had FUN! Hopefully, i’ll get to fight more people like that so its entertaining.