Quitting Street Fighter, Selling my Sticks and game!


I have decided to quite playing Street fighter for personal reasons. Therefore I have no need for my 2 sticks and SSF4 game disk. Check out the pics below for a description of each stick and prices.


I’ve decided NOT to quit. I will be keeping all my stuff. Sorry everyone!


Game may be sold pending PM Action…


Those are some sexy sticks mang! Sucks you gotta sell em… :frowning:


may i ask why are you selling it? i think i might get the first stick but that wont be till this friday when i get paid and see if i can do that.


SSF4 has consumed me and I must release its grip! I have become fat and lazy, its effecting my marriage. Somethings got to give…LOL!


Don’t know why you have to quit, am married, i have a 2 year old girl, full time job, work out 2 hrs daily, still play 6 hrs per week and I believe am pretty decent, I only main one character do.


Damn I would buy that back in a second if I didn’t already have a damn closet full of customs lol Whoever gets that walnut stick is in for a real treat!


Your absolutely right. I think I just had an extreme knee jerk reaction to an argument. I’m not giving up, I’ll just fall back some and get back into my sword training and Karate. Plus, I love my Souji5 stick too much!

Mods you can close this!


LOL happy ending