Quiznos Presents: Street Fighter IV 2 Cerritos, CA


Sorry Guys I Can’t Change The Date…

Quizno’s Presents: Street Fighter IV

Where: Quizno’s Subs
20224 Pioneer Blvd. Cerritos, CA 90703

Date: April 5th, 2009

Time: 12pm-10pm (Singles start at 12pm, Teams will start as singles are winding down)

Events: Singles and Teams

Fee: Singles-$7 ($5-pot $2-Venue), Teams-$12 ($3 per person for the pot, plus $1 venue per person for the venue)

-Gear wise we have 3 TVs and 2 360’s. Please bring set ups if you guys can (Another problem I don’t have to worry about) So if you can bring some let me know, you get venue off if you bring a set up.

-Please bring your controllers/Sticks and MARK THEM

-If we can get extra TV’s and 360/PS3 we can hold casuals on that tv. Some friendlies would be cool. We’re having TVs JUST for casuals so please use those for play and NOT Tourney T.Vs please.

-All seeded players will be accounted for (If necessary)

-If you bring stuff (TVs,360’s PS3’s.) They are YOUR responsibility! I will not be held responsible for you leaving your stuff at the tourney. I have 50+ ppl yelling in my ear for 7 hours straight. I wont be able to keep track of your stuff. So if you lose something in the end too bad it’s YOUR problem. I also wont be wasting time and money sending things to ppl who leave their stuff

-If you’re gonna be late call me and i’ll add you to the slots, and see if I can hold you off till you arrive. Please arrive ON TIME.

-Please keep in mind, it will be in a public area, respect that. Try not to mess up or take anything there. If someone gets too rowdy or violent I WILL KICK YOU OUT


I live 1 minute away from there. Can singles start a bit earlier? That Barfights is also happening on Sunday, which starts at 5pm.


dude don’t worry…last time quizno’s singles ended around 3:30 so then u have time to go over there…thats where I’m going right after…
but then again…idk


How early do you have to get there to sign up? There’s a chance I MIGHT be bringing my 360 and monitor. I’ve never attended a Street Fighter tournament, so I’m not sure what to expect as far as the crowd goes. Will I constantly be having to fight people off my gear to keep it from being stolen?


u can come around 11 so u can sign up and set up ur gear…
My Friend said we r gonna have T.v.s but not systems…but just in case bring both…bring ur own controller…

and no u don’t have 2 fight no one 2 get off ur gear…make sure u mark it with ur name…Just Ur System, T.v., and ur controlller put a name on all 3

nothin got stolen the last time i was there…


Can I just come to watch?


Is there a limit to how small a screen can be? I only have a 26" Monitor. But if you have an extra TV Available, I can just bring my 360.


yes u can come and watch…


last time we only had 3 t.v.s… and 3 systems…but my friend said he has like 6 t.v.s and 2 systems…but just in case bring both…
nah there’s no limit…unless its a puny one -_-


onlinetony is too good


I forgot to ask.
This may sound stupid.

Do I need to pay a Venue Fee to come watch?



Tony we got this.


onlinetony is a hater. he doubted me!!!
PREDICTABLE! good turnout in the tourney today though im proud of you guys.

anywho hey Tony,
i might just have someone film bar fights for me.
meaning…if your down to stay at quizno’s for teams, wanna team up???
ME, YOU, and Ken Pope= Team InstaKill

—and to bobino:
Your rufus saved my life today in tourney :]

OH YEAH! and if we DO team up, i can give you a ride home since i get off of work around 3:30 so i can show up around 4:30 ish depending on traffic.


thanks bobino lol

same to you

next time i’ll play u without my friends over…lol


Hey Fuck You Jeremy lol i had him with Fuerte but my self-thought got the best of me…lol

dick…i think we start teams first… --
but yeah i would team up…if it happens…lets team for A.I. then… -


it says on the post that teams will start as soon as singles are winding down…
but yeah i think i wont be able to go to AI’s 3v3 cuz of work tho.
and besides AmuseME already asked me to team with him but we’ll see.

and DJ vest as well >_<
lol he’s good and all that, but i just dont know the guy so im kinda iffy lols.

but like i said we’ll see wsup with the 3v3.

ANYWHO, for the quizno’s tourney ask the guy who’s hosting for me.
i need the specifics as to when everything is going down and if i can reserve a spot for singles.

i just need him to hold my matches until like 4. i dont mind if i forfeit the first match [if its double elim] but please let me play last!


i know but last time ppl left after they lost singles -- so we gonna start teams first…thats what he said…and the hosting is done by “Rej” I’ll Try To Tell Him cuz i work Today --
But I’ll Try So I’ll Get Ur Number Down…so I’ll Call U In Da Tourney…so I Can Reserve…yes its double elmination…

yeah he holds spots…so if anything…i’ll tell him…i’m gonna put ur # in my pocket right now…lol


good luck on the tourney today bro… hey call me up…


Today was the last day that Quizno’s would be a venue for SFIV/SSBB. Quizno’s is changing it’s store a bit, so Rej will be looking for a new location.

Thanks to everyone who has been attending any and all Quizno’s Presents tournies, and more importantly thanks for being respectful and courteous. I will be sure to let the owners know you were all grateful :wink:

Also, good shit to Tony for winning 1st again, and to Art and Pyro who got 2nd and 3rd respectively(?).

Even though there was a much smaller turnout than any of us had hoped, I had a great time today, and it was great talking to a lot of you guys again.

P.S. My Zangief > your El Fuerte Tony, ha ha. Can’t touch my ‘Gief online OR OFFLINE as proved today! Nah I’m messin’ man, good couple of games we had…but seriously, I beated you, ha!


GG’s to everyone there, and especially to everyone that I played against. It was fun!