Quizno's Presents: Street Fighter IV. March 1st, 2009 --(Cerritos, Ca) Mmmm...Toasty!

Posting this for a friend. Yeah a tourney at quiznos, but surprisingly it does a good job of hosting tourneys. Smash tourneys are held there once a month and they get as big as 100+ ppl, so I guess it works, lol.

Quizno’s Presents: Street Fighter IV

Platform: Console (Xbox 360 or PS3)

Where: Quizno’s Subs
20224 Pioneer Blvd. Cerritos, CA 90703

Date: March 1st, 2009

Time: 12pm-10pm (Singles start at 12pm, Teams will start as singles are winding down)

Events: Singles and Teams

Fee: Singles-$7 ($5-pot $2-Venue), Teams-$12 ($3 per person for the pot, plus $1 venue per person for the venue)

-Set best of 3 (with rounds being best of 3)
-Losers Finals, Winner’s Finals and Grand finals best of 5. Continuation rules apply.

-3-Man teams
-Best of 1 per person
-Can change team order per set
-Each person must stick with one character entire event

Banned: Gouken and Seth are banned from play

Time: 12pm-10pm

Pot money distribution:


Winner Take all

http://allisfighter.com/ttournament.aspx?id=4938 - Allisfighter link

-Gear wise we have 3 TVs and 2 360’s. Please bring set ups if you guys can (Another problem I don’t have to worry about) So if you can bring some let me know, you get venue off if you bring a set up.

-Please bring your controllers/Sticks and MARK THEM

-If we can get extra TV’s and 360/PS3 we can hold casuals on that tv. Some friendlies would be cool. We’re having TVs JUST for casuals so please use those for play and NOT Tourney T.Vs please.

-All seeded players will be accounted for (If necessary)

-If you bring stuff (TVs,360’s PS3’s.) They are YOUR responsibility! I will not be held responsible for you leaving your stuff at the tourney. I have 50+ ppl yelling in my ear for 7 hours straight. I wont be able to keep track of your stuff. So if you lose something in the end too bad it’s YOUR problem. I also wont be wasting time and money sending things to ppl who leave their stuff

-If you’re gonna be late call me and i’ll add you to the slots, and see if I can hold you off till you arrive. Please arrive ON TIME.

-Please keep in mind, it will be in a public area, respect that. Try not to mess up or take anything there. If someone gets too rowdy or violent I WILL KICK YOU OUT

AI is holding a pending tournament the same day.

I’ll go to this one AI is too far.

Reggie, is that you?

Nevermind, hi Julian.

Sorry for the double post, when I hit edit this time it crashed my browser for some reason.

Count me in.

Street Fighter and sandwiches? mmm. I’m gonna have to check this one out.

Any volunteered PS3’s yet? I might be game to that.

yeah bring in your set up, no one has volunteered to bring one in yet, u’ll get venue off both events if you bring yours.

lol, if AI doesn’t happen I’m going to this.

Tough call. AI for competition, Quiznos for the sandwiches. Since there’s probably a 2 hour wait in between matches, maybe I’ll just sign up for both and become the first SF player ever to compete in two tournaments at two different locations at the same time

i’ll be at the quiznos tourney - i’m from washington but it’ll be nice to meet you guys

edit: maybe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wtf at all the Zangief’s today…How come when I’m amazing with Gief in ST and HD Remix, no one uses him, but in SFIV everyone does??? You’re all going to make me look bad, like a flavor of the month scrub, ha ha.

Good shit Anthony. Way to rep Fuerte in the SEA of our high tier Giefs, lmao. Too bad teams didn’t happen, you + me + Julian would have annihilated.

GG to everyone who attended. No shame in getting 3rd with players like Derek and Anthony taking top two. Really solid players. Too many 'Giefs tho. Hahahaha.

good shit you guys, good shit

lol dman anthony won again?!

he took 1st in the gamestop round 2 at pico rivera. gg anthony :smiley: