Qunba q2 glow (360) please assist asap


My stick came in the mail, its my replacement stick. Its perfect expect the x button only works sometimes… and amazons being crapy about how long its gonna take for me to replace it, is this the type of problem I can solve on my own?( well with ur help) I means everything works perfect but the one button. If I hit it 30 timea it will only pick up maybe 5 of them. I can just send it back but I so want to play with it this weekend. There going to pick it up tomorrow at 4pm. I have till then to figure something out… so help! I beg of you lol.

And thanks.


I would first open it up and see if the button wires are loose.

BUT that will void your warranty.


Since it arrived messed uo and amazon is reolacing it I’m not using the warranty lol. I took out the screws but I could figure out how to get it open.


Does the one button feel the same when you press it as the others or does it have a different feel? Sometimes the button just need to be taken apart or reassembled. If not then possibly a loose wire.


Yea it feels the same.


Ok so its all the buttons… some work more often than other’s but they all are having the same issue, which is they arnt always working. I’m def gonna just return this thing but I would still like to know why this issues exsist. I olan on owns a lot of fight stick in the futur and might as well learn all I can.