Quote I found from sksksksksk222

I like to keep 0 unread messages in my inbox, but I’d let it get out of control a bit and was searching through pages of emails to find one or two unread messages I needed to address or delete, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw “Reply to your conversation from sksksksksk222” about an convo on SRK between us. I went and read it, and in it was this quote that I thought a few people might get something out of:

Whenever I play a top player, I treat my opponent just like any other opponent. It doesn’t matter if I’m going up against Arturo, Dieminion, Sanford, or whoever it may be. It doesn’t affect how I play. Just having that mentality that you’re playing a top player and feel hopeless, already puts you at a disadvantage where you’ve pretty much lost.

^ if you think you’ve got some skills but haven’t racked up the wins you think you deserve… that’s the attitude of a champion right there.