Quote the Raven

Nevermore. I re-colored that pic of Raven I colored awhile back. I think it’s a huge improvement over the last, but I’ll let ya’ll decied.

Here’s the first one

And the new improved one

took about 5 hours or so. Lot better than 4 days with a mouse.


dude that is a huge improvement! I’m glad you are not popping out highlights from nowhere. The wrinles and lightsource looks perfect to me. good job man.

thanks man. I was cheezing the whole time I was coloring. I was like “damn this is tight, can’t believe I did this” Now I got to do that SF contest.

wow that is a great improvement Deonysios!!! great job!!

i just got my wacom tablet today too, i’ve still have yet to try it, but it feels a little wierd at first, i guess i just have to get used to it…

Awesome improvement. Coloring looks solid. Love the Sandman shirt, that’s my favorite comic ever.