Qusetions about online


Ok, I’m not really a scrub considering I’ve been doing pretty decent at this game for about a year now, but I felt it necessary to ask a couple of questions that have been puzzling me for quite some time.

1: Why every time I try to tech a throw online, it only works like 20% of the time? Offline I can tech about 85% of throw, but online I get thrown for free EVERY SINGLE TIME. I fought a Cammy player earlier who literally threw me 6 times in a row. I knew it was coming, I reacted to it, and yet I still got thrown. I even resorted to watching the replay just to make sure I was going crazy. It clearly showed that I was pressing throw EVERY SINGLE TIME. The weird thing is every time I try to throw someone online, they almost always tech it. Is there a different timing? A certain technique that only pertains to online?

2: Reversals getting stuffed even when I correctly read the jump in. Earlier I was using my main (Yun) and a Ryu player kept jumping in on me with either fierce or roundhouse (he alternated between the two). I would always input lk upkicks as late as possible so that all of the invincibility frames would eat up his attack, but it still got stuffed. I watched yet another replay just to confirm my suspicions, and there it was, showing that I input the right motion for it. This is not a character specific thing either, It happens when I choose almost any character, but only online. Again, is there a special technique to anti air people online? I lose about 70% of my matches because of no techs and my aa’s getting stuffed. I even had to resort to ragequitting today after getting so fucking pissed that I couldn’t do either of these.

3: Losing points after winning. This has happened to me at least 6 times already. I can give two fucks less about points, hell the only reason I even play ranked is to get my points higher just so I can play in lobbies with high PP players without them kicking me for lack of points. Earlier, I won a match and the results screen displayed that I had gained about 60 PP. When I got back to the online menu however, I had lost like 200. Is there any cause for this?


Online Lag. Possibly also if you have a laggy TV you might be inputting commands a little bit too late as well.


1)Either you’re doing it wrong, or you/opponent lag and the opponent deals with it better.
2)Maybe the enemy just has a hitbox on your back, resulting in you getting owned. Or maybe they just safejump or something.
3)No fucking clue.

It’d be nice if you could upload like a video with a couple of matches of you playing. It’d be easier to make less assumptions and see what actually happens. ^^


for 3: make sure you wait until the grades are shown after a win. one time I got invited to an endless lobby, beat someone in ranked, then before the grades were shown I accepted the invite, and it took a bunch of my points away.


When you leave a game, you lose the maximum amount of points, but it takes a few minutes to happen.


Do a crouching DP motion against jump-ins. It’s not an online specific problem. Ryu’s uppercut will trade very often if you don’t, as will Yun’s up kicks.