Qustion for Udoneko and everyone else about...POWERFOILS!

Hello everybody,

Today is the day of SF #6. I am going to buy the Akuma Powerfoil since he is my favorite SF character. As you all probably know, the Powerfoils are pretty cool, as well as, pretty expensive (for a comic book).

Udoneko, I was wondering, how many character Powerfoils are you guys gonna do?? I would buy more if you made one for ever character. Also, why was issue #5’s Powerfoil not a character cover, but a group one instead??

As for the rest of you guys. I was wondering, do you buy Powerfoils?? If so, Which one?? If not, Why not??

I would buy:


What about youz guys??

Originally I started collecting with only power foil covers, now I get all covers except for virgin power covers, gold or ruby foil standard covers.
So yeah I collect all power foils covers & am looking forward to #7’s Ryu one.

Oooh, I saw that one. It looks awesome!!

I want a Sagat and a Dudley Powerfoil cover :frowning: I buy two of each normal cover and get the powerfoil too :smiley:

i only get cover A cuz they rule. the only special cover i got was shinkiros cuz that was badass.

i dont invest in power foils cuz they r too expensive.

i know that there r hardcore fans out there who buy each cover, u guys must be srious collectors, i just dont see the purpose of having say… 3 of the same issue just because the cover is different.

but thats just me so dont hate.

i was torn between the akuma and alvin lee cover, akuma is a cool character but the triple threat was awsome. i litterally stood there deciding, i was even tempted to get both but i got cover A instead.

i would pay for them if the were cheaper but really, 15 bucks? just for a cover?(at my store) i work hard for my money and i need to save it for tuition, and kids? yea i have to feed them too. though if another cover like shinkiro’s comes along again i probably wont hesitate.

Our aim is to do a Power Foil on each caharcetr as long as the book is still going. Upcoming line up - Ryu, Sakura, Vega, Fei Long, Cammy.

Issue 5 is a very special occasion because we have the actual Capcom Artist Shinkiro gracing the cover of our book! For the Capcom guys doing us covers, they do whatever they want. How dare we ask for anything more, right?

Each power foil is limited to 5000 copies print run, and it cost us 6 times the cost to do the special foil process as the regular covers. The cover stock is a thicker card stock, and they have to run the foil paint on first, let dry, then do the white out (where the solid character is), let dry, and then print the color on top, let dry, and do the clear coat. But we are happy with the looks and we want to keep this series going.

And did I say I LOVE Jo Chen’s art?

Thanks for the responce Erik. I’ll be sure to pick up the Vega cover. Are the Powerfoils selling alright??

I would buy the Power foils, but i can’t afford to buy them. So i just buy the regurlar covers. The only way i’ll actually Buy a foil cover is when Sagat and Dudley get made…

ok, so the number 5 issue was the Guile and Chun Li power CELL cover right? no foil right? anyway, i buy 2 of each foil and every cover :smiley: