Qustions regarding SSF2T HD remix


Ive followed the procedure exactly to pick the old characters and it doesnt ever work, can someone please tell me the proper way? also, what is the proper way to do akuma’s super? I can execute it at will in SSF4AE and SFXT, but it just wont work for me in HD remix, in SSF4AE i press the two jabs and the last three buttons together and it works everytime, this doesnt seem to be the case in HD remix, please help. Thanks


It should be:
LP, LP, forward, LK, HP

Just like it is in most games…


thanks for the response, but i know the input, I just cant get it to work, is there some trick to it?


The trick is that you actually have to input the motion cleanly instead of just mashing the last three inputs at the same time. SF II in general does not have the same really lax input windows that the newer games do. After hitting forward use your thumb to quickly hit LK and then sort of roll your wrist to hit HP with your ring finger, it should be a quick fluid motion. Also make sure you are hitting straight forward not downforward. SF IV will let you get away with that, HDR will not.

As for old characters I’m pretty sure they’re only available in classic mode not Remixed.


There are no old characters in HDR. You have to play the game in HDR Classic mode in order to get access to the old characters like in Super Turbo.

As for Akuma’s super, the previous posters pretty much nailed it on the head. You have to use nice, clean inputs in order to do the super correctly, whereas in modern fighting games made in 2009 and beyond, they give you a lot of shortcuts to use with Akuma’s super.


the super input without shortcuts worked like a charm :slight_smile: however, even in classic mode i cant get the old characters to work :frowning:


I’m pretty sure in classic mode of HDR you hit select or something to get the old characters. Try doing the codes in an emulated version of the arcade game and they’ll work.


Every site i go to gives codes and says enter them and select your character with jab before the plane reaches the flag. .im pretty damned fast, and ive never gotten it to work, not once


Every old character code is either mash up and down, or mash left and right, while pressing jab. So all you do is select your character, press any button, and then mash the opposite corners while pressing jab. So I mash the down-right, to up-left, down-right, up-left. While I do that, I press jab. Easiest way to do it.


Thanks for the replies, ok I think I got it :slight_smile:


Also check the ST old chracter wiki. I remember them putting pauses in some places. But trusting el trouble seems smart to me, I’ve seen him around a bit. Which old characters are you looking at? If your avatar is any indication O. Sagat is a great choice, but do familiarize yourself with the changes.


I just double checked… in HDR Classic mode in VS and Training, after you select the character it gives you the choice of which version you want without entering a code. I guess arcade mode still requires the code.


Yep, you’re right, and there is a graphic change in the setting menu that changes all of them in classic mode, this had me stumped for like a week


Keep it up and keep playing. This is a great game to learn how to play fighting games in general. If you want to throw down, I’m BurnYourEgo on xbox live. Sorry no PSN. Honestly it’s the best game to play as far as netcode on XBL, there are bad points but you can learn the game properly there.


My method is easier than memorizing a bunch of coded inputs for old characters. Nobody can ever input the exact code with 100% accuracy. Just mash it out and you’ll get it right. If you find it awkward doing diagonals, you can always just mash up-to-down or left-to-right.

For example, the code to get O.Ryu is RRRL+jab or fierce. Press short at the same time as those buttons to get his alternate color. You can do that, but I do this

RLRLRLRRLRLRLRLLRLRLRLRLRLRL jab,jab,jab,jab,jab,jab,jab,jab,jab,jab

Since discovering how extremely lenient this code is, I’ve never missed an old character code since then.

And yes, in versus mode, this isn’t necessary, since you can select which version of the characters you want in HDR Classic Mode. It’s a smarter way to do it, but hey, ST was primarily an arcade game, and didn’t come with the fancy user-friendly options that console games have nowadays.


Or instead of straight up and down for the old character codes, you can even go diagonally. so you don’t even have to memorize whether to go up/down or left/right for each character. Careful though. “control” your diagonal mashes… I know a couple of people who messed up their sticks cuz they never learned the code for the o. character they use.

and to illustrate how lenient inputs are in newer games (keep in mind, I haven’t played in a few years) I recall that akuma’s super you can simply mash on the 3 buttons and forward/back and it will still work.

Honestly, I never had any problems doing demon grab motions in old school games unless I was on a pad. (A2 & Vs series)

Also, Don’t give up on ST. It’s a tough game to learn, but really rewarding after you get past the initial barrier of “I can’t win ANY games against ANYONE”

Also keep in mind, that akuma is frowned upon since he’s a banned character in tournaments. You’ll get more hate for using him than any other character in any other game. Usually you only use him for shits and giggles with close friends.


I dont use akuma online, just to destroy friends in local matches :slight_smile: im very fluent in ssf4ae and cross tekken, but in HDR akuma’s super was driving me nuts, it was the only one i couldnt do at will…my psn ID is Totengott666 btw.