R.I.P Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman, one of the best-loved and most warmly admired British actors of the past 30 years, has died in London aged 69. His death was confirmed on Thursday by his family. Rickman had been suffering from cancer.

Much-loved star of stage, TV and films including Harry Potter, Dogma, galaxy quest and Die Hard – and owner of one of the most singular voices in acting ­– has died in London… R.I.P :frowning:


2016 going RTSD.

Fucking cancer man…

RIP Hans Gruber

2016 is why we can’t have nice things.

Way to start the new year.
Fuckin’ cancer, man…

WTF Cancer…you will be missed, Metatron.

Wow…and the same age as David Bowie.

Never get to 70, SRK.

RIP Severus Snape/Hans Gruber.

Fuck cancer, RIP Alan :sad:

What the fuck man…


This year needs to chill the fuck out.

this one took me by surprise,

I’ve always said if I made a film I’d love to cast him as the villain.

He was a pretty great actor, he made a lot of movies like Bottle Shock a lot more interesting than they would have been otherwise.

A tale of friend zones and sacrifices:




2 weeks into the year and cancer ain’t got no chill… Damn.

I guess even wizards can’t win against cancer…


Man 2016 starting brutally.

R.I.P Metatron

Damnit, another 10 points from 2016.


The year is starting really heavy this time.
Taking away talented people that i actually like :shake:

He will be missed.

Still the best Die Hard villain ever.

R.I.P. Herr Gruber.

RIP. Fuck I just got done watching all 8 Harry Potter films over the last 2 weeks. Seriously, a gifted actor. He will be missed.