R.I.P. Anton Yelchin


Anton Yelchin, who played Pavel Chekov in the most recent Star Trek trilogy, died at age 27.

Sad sad :confused:


(In before conspiracy theories or people bemoaning 2016, even though it is rather a shitty year.)

Ugh. This sucks if true. He was a pretty good actor in general and also seemed like a rather nice person in real life. Unfortunate, but at the same time not too surprising since most people are way too relaxed around cars for how dangerous they can be, even their own, and one slip up is all that’s needed to kill you.

May he rest in peace.



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I thought he did a pretty good job in the new Trek movies and he played a good Kyle Reese in Terminator 4.

What’s really sad is that this doesn’t appear to be drugs or alcohol, but just some crazy freak accident.

Also, this is going to make the red-shirt joke Chekov has in Into Darkness really hard to re-watch.




Damn, they got Charlie Bartlett too?


This is sad to hear about, he seemed like a talented young actor and I liked him in Charlie Bartlett and Terminator.

Cant imagine what that death has to be like, RIP and hope he didn’t suffer.


You know there is one way you can not have to deal with this year if its so terrible


Damn, young dude. That sucks. Horrible way to die.


That’s too young of a age for someone to die. RIP.

2016 needs to be stopped.


Too young to pass. RIP.


He was an only child, Just imagine how his parents feel… RIP.


Oh, I thought it was Chekov from OG series…




Apparently, the car may have been a model that had been under recall due to problems with the gearbox. Some are saying that it could have been the cause of the accident.


Here comes lawsuits…

But yeah, this is some Final Destination shit here.


Didnt they find him with the car in neutral though? Maybe he simply forgot to put on that emergency break, and shit drifted back on him with the quickness.


Fucking bullshit.

That is all.





That was exactly the issue that the Jeep was being recalled for. The design of the shifter (it’s an electronic one, not mechanical) makes it so that it’s easy for people to leave it in neutral when they think that they’ve put it into park.

That said, it does boggle the mind that people step out of their cars, without putting on the emergency brake first.

EDIT: Picture of the recalled shifter in question.

Also, if it is discovered that this was the case, then it might not be FCA’s fault, but rather ZF who makes these gearboxes and designed said shifter.