R.i.p carl macek...he built your childhood and u didnt know it

if the scifi channels anime block/saturday mornings/summer movie festivals were a big part of your childhood like mine…you should thank this man.

Why are all these awesome people dying?

Gotta pay tribute to the man. Robotech defined my childhood more than any other show. RIP.

he co-founded steamline, so credit him with introducing me to fist of the north star and vampire hunter D as well.

rest in peace.



man, thank you for that one.

Damn first Peter Steele now him, wow.

…and Nujabes…

time keeps a movin’.

i cant even watch the original japanese version, thats how much the american version means to me. lol…he streamlined like 3 series into 1.

I see what you did there.

I remember getting up at butt-ass early in the morning to catch robotech on local tv. first time I caught vampire hunter D was on TBS late night, back to back with robot carnival. I caught fist of the north star from a super bootleg copy of a copy of a copy (ah… old anime fandom) on the same tape as lensman.

all macek / streamline.

I guess I can credit / blame him somehow for steering me onto this nerdly path.

lensman was cool as fuck to me…i felt like such a rebel as a kid watching such an epic movie…same goes for alot of the summer movies sci-fi channel used to play.

Gotta say, the only anime I’ve ever liked were DBZ and Gundam Wing. Still, its a shame. He brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people. Rip.

Damn man.

Robotech and Hokuto was the shit.


Huh…I guess this is a generational thing. I didn’t get cable til 2001. My childhood was shaped by daily Disney Afternoon hours, TGIF on Friday nights, Saturday morning cartoons on broadcast channels and CBS Storybreak, followed by ABC Weekend Specials, Saturday nights ruled by Rod Serling’s New Twilight Zone and Amazing Stories, and cartoons on Sundays on wtmv-32, followed by Tales From The Darkside. Not to shit on THIS guy and his death, but who were the guys responsible for making the 80’s great, and how come there’s no notice of their passing?

how old are u cuz from most of the stuff uve mentioned in the past we are around the same age. pretty sure they were still doing anime marathons in 01 in sci fi channels for the summer.

I dunno…I was mainly on cartoon network and toon disney when I got cable.

fuck man, this pretty much the dude who got me into anime. first with robotech, then venus wars & fotns. back when i saw that steamilne shit i knew i was in for some good shit. death of good anime is pretty much official now. i aint even that into anime anymore, but it will always hold a special nostalgic place in my heart for all the good shit i came across from 86/87 till mid/end 90’s. my childhood had better shit in it than 99% of the shit coming out nowadays. besides the last airbender kidz nowadays aint got no quality in whats on. at least in the dutch.