R.I.P. Christopher Lee

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later given his age, but Sir Christopher Lee, actor, author and metal singer has passed away at the age of 93.

R.I.P. Sir Christopher.

Now excuse me while go sob in a corner listening to Charlemagne.

He lived a long and plentiful life…Rest in Peace, Count Dooku.

Rest in Peace.


And I thought 2014 was a doozy…


He did lived the good life. What an amazing actor and one of my favorites. RIP Count Saruman. Ye will be missed.

A toast of fine wine for you before I sleep.

Gandalf The White took no prisoners.

Just saw this. One of the greatest Dracula’s ever, and my personal favourite to watch. One of the scariest mother fuckers in cinema, he used to go to Europe and they would FEAR him.

R.I.P to the most metal man on earth.


His voice is amazing in this song:

got dammit, would all you fuckers stop stealing my posts every fucking day?

Stop trying to be me, I know I’m awesome and all that, but really. Do your own thang.

RIP to one of the most prolific actors of all time.

RIP. Sounds like he was an awesome man of many talents.

RIP James Bond

Why? Fuck you 2015 RIP :cry:

And fuck these people too


RIP Christopher Lee. The world has lost perhaps the single most Metal person on the planet.

Read this earlier this morning.
Fucking tragedy, the man was am amazing actor. He took a long break from hollywood before coming back even better than ever in the LotR’s movies and the only bright spot in the newer Star War’s movies.

R.I.P Mr Lee.

Yea I can say with confidence that Lee was the only good thing about the Star Wars prequel, infact if he wasnt in those movies am sure SW geeks in real life would probably have murked some directors n shit.

Hammer studios wouldnt have made it without this man, RIP.

I can’t really be too sad about his passing because he’s lived a very prolific life pretty much until the end. RIP.

didn’t realize he was that old tbh.