R.I.P Dave Mirra

What a fucking Shame. Rest in piece dude.

Damn. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Celine Dion’s husband, Axl Rotten and now Dave Mirra. 2016 Is a bad year to be famous…

Yeah 2016 isn’t taking any prisoners…it’s barely February.

Holy shit. R.I.P

The regret of backing out of the critical smash, BMX XXX probably haunted him for more than a decade. Rest well, Dave.

Yeah its all 2016s fault

Jesus im so sick of this meme


He posted this right before also. R.I.P Dave

“Mirra, 41, was found sitting in a truck with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound”

I wonder why though


Damn this guy and Tony Hawk were like a big part of the early 2000s for me. RIP.

Damn sad news to hear… R.I.P :confused:

2016 going HAM.

Going through his instagram, its so crazy he killed himself like that. Just yesterday he biked 104 miles, and earlier today posted a picture of his wife. Then pow. wtf

Yeah totally the year is killing everyone

Lemme guess rip your childhood or some other stupid shit too huh

Wow no RIP for you Dave.

Legacy tarnished.

Well I mean technically if it was 2015 these guys would still be alive sooooooooooo…

well that’s depressing.

R.I.P bmx legend

Totally shocked right now, my sister called me a few mins ago and told me. I dragged her with me to the 2nd x games in Rhode Island. I got Dave’s autograph and Matt hoffmans. I gave them both to my sister cause after I forced her to watch the first x games she got totally into it.

So we ended up making it our quest to show love to those guys. Dave Mirra was the truth I just can’t believe this. 2016 giving no fucks right now.

Prayers to his family.

I dont know why im going through his twitter and instagram history. He meant a lot to us growing up. First generation of the x games here baby. Was raised up on guys like dave mirra. Theyre the reasons we tried to trick up our shitty little bikes because we couldnt afford to get me a fancy “bmx bike”.

I mean damn, and his instagram is littered with family shit. Wonder what kinda demons he had lurking. I’d literally just handcuff myself to a tree and call for help before i blast myself in the face and leave my kids and wife to deal with that.

He seemed so happy on the outside, and super physically active.