R.I.P. Etokki 360 converter


As of tonight, I believe my sweet baby has given out on me. I’m posting here in hopes that maybe somebody will have an idea on how I can approach fixing the device.

Here are the symptoms.
Does not indicate any controllers are detected and no controllers function.

The unit under working condition displays with 1 of 4 indicator lights which player is currently in use (Player 1-4).

What currently happens is when the USB is inserted player 1 and 4 light on for a split second then all 4 lights come on then go out completely. Tested this with PC and 360 as well as with a PS2 controller and PS1 controller.

When the X button is pressed on the side all 4 lights come on then off which tells me the unit is still receiving power.

Any idea on what I can do to repair this if at all?


open it up and measure the resistors with a multimeter. also check to see if any of the capacitors are swelled over or leaking. you may be able to replace these parts and fix it that way.


Thanks, I’ll have to get my hand on a multimeter.