R.I.P Guilty Gear

We know there are alot of deserving games out there, and we wish we could include all of them, but we can’t. The 6th and final game for 2008 is none other than Capcom vs SNK 2. This fighter brings all the craziness from two seperate games into one jam packed fighter.


What is guilty gear?

some crappy game I heard about, I dunno.



Time to pick up DR or Brawl

a miserable pile of combos

but enough talk…

As much as this amuses me because I find GG to be an average game. It is not the end of the world for GG fans. This samething happened to 3S, another game that has alot of people who dont like it. 3S bounced back and so can GG with the right push.

Have at you!

They didn’t remove 3S from the roster when hundreds of confirmed tournament participants played it.

I guess Evo’s position is clear: 10 guys in a garage > 100’s of US players playing a current game! :looney: :looney:

There is no bouncing back required, GG is still as strong as ever and continuing to grow. FRXI already has 150 people for GG pre-registered, and no WC is going. All this accomplishes is causing a lot of people who would have showed up to Evo not to, and turning one of the biggest games there into a side-tournament. Huge mistake.

And this is the problem right here. When this happened to 3S they didnt spend the whole time bitching about why other games suck and why they shouldnt be there. Instead they said why their game should be there and went out and proved it again. Less bitching about other games and more hyping your own and showing why it should be there, even if you feel it should be there all along. Will go considerably farther then going, OMG SO AND SO GAME SUCKS I CANT BELIEVE THIS.

Uninformed trash talk is the best kind.

It baffles me as to how the Evo staff can recognize GG’s presence in the country and still deny the game it’s spot. Really makes me lose faith in them.

The Guilty Gear community is stronger than ever, with a american release and tournaments all over, they are a force to be reckoned with.

I expect Guilty Gear to be bigger and stronger when the time comes around next year to talk about games.

clearly he was exaggerating, but right now GG currently has double the signups of CvS at FR.

No, when it happened to 3S it didn’t matter because it wasn’t popular enough to be an EVO game. As soon as the confirmed numbers were there, it was included in the roster. They are choosing a game that will get less than 100 entries over a game that will get over 200.

I guess they would prefer to keep running a tournament without the necessary numbers to attract sponsors.

special thanks to all that helped

Lol haters are so cute.
I’m sorry guitly gear is too hard for you. :sad:

Seriously I can’t imagine Evo without CvS2 so I’m glad it’s still there. Hopefully this time there won’t be as many time issues as last year and next year maybe EVO can go back to being 8 games or atleast 7.

Jae Hoon is right though, GG players need to stop saying how other games are less deserving of a spot or complaining about bias of Evo staff.
We need to just keep doing our own thing outside of Evo and promoting the game in a positive manner.

GG is the fastest growing fighter in the US right now. We’ll just keep having more numbers and more tournaments and earn our spot in Evo next year.

wth is guilty gear?

GGAC players are currently sleeping through this thread