R.I.P James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano


Dies of a heart attack at 51


Wow, that sucks RIP


What? Fuck!

I just hope before Death whacked him he got to at least finish what he wa-


That sucks. I remember seeing him playing bit roles in tons of movies before his big break on The Sopranos. Only 51 too. RIP.


How random. Yet Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan live on.


off to the bing in the sky

rip skip



RIP, He’ll be missed, great actor


Happened while he was on vacation too. Double sucks.




…Godammit. Not Tony Soprano


damn i wanna re watch the series as a tribute to him.


Damn SRK not showing this thread while i wanted to make mine :confused:

RIP James Gandolfini



gonna watch true romance now


I thought I heard that name somewhere, and then a second thread appeared with the actor’s famous role. Never watched Sopranos, I think I need to fix that. RIP.




He didn’t stop believing.

Roll Credits


The hallmark of a good actor is when people believe in your character so much, that they are shocked to see the real person. According to all who knew him he was a pretty cheerful and fun-loving guy. It’s a shame to see him go.



We here Jersey!!! Paying our respects, just left Holstens in Bloomfield place was packed and they had Tony’s table reserved as a tribute.

When we pulled up we just was mad silent then it was yo fam how come meadow couldn’t park that fuckin Lexus fam???

R.I.P James just a great actor and a true jersey dude. When sopranos was the hottest shit on tv and you saw James out he was always nice always.

This weekend me and the jersey crew hitting up satin dolls!!! Aka bada bing!!! James will truly be missed.


Death is an offer that no one can refuse.


You only -think- he’s dead.