R.I.P Jim "The Dragon" Kelly

News spread on FB today that Grandmaster Jim Kelly who starred in many movies including his iconic character Williams in Enter the Dragon had passed away after a long battle with cancer. In the 80s he became a successful tennis pro, and for a time ranked #2 in the US. Nobody don’d an afro and could kick butt like him. A legend in his own right, R.I.P

He was like something out of a comic book.

RIP. He was actually my favorite character in Enter the Dragon.

RIP. His character in Enter The Dragon is classic.

Ineed…R.I.P. Jim Kelly.

Little fact, Bruce Lee originally wanted Jim Kelly’s character to fight alongside him in the final showdown against Han, but producers didn’t like the idea of John Saxon a well known American actor being killed off, so they switched it :frowning:

That would’ve been a better ending IMO…

Damn… R.I.P.

No idea he had cancer. He was on the Boondocks a few years ago and was living a life of luxury.


Anyone know the name of the track played during the hateocracy fight?

He was also in Undercover Brother with a cameo and featured in the LeBron Ad Campaign for his second shoe with commercials and those interesting old school art style posters. Hard to imagine those were actually like 8 years ago now.

R.I.P. a part of 3rd Strike Ryu.

Damn. This sucks. I had an Anime D20 character base don him that was badd ass.
R.I.P. one of the baddest brothers on the planet. :tup:



Oh man! He was supposed to make an appearance at the comic convention I was planning on going next week! I was so excited to see him in person, what a tragedy.


r.i.p grandmaster jim kelly

This is sad as fuck. RIP Jim :frowning:

Damn man…R.I.P.

Was looking at some of his recent interviews a few months back, still a cool cat. I think my first avatar here (might be mixing it up with some other place) was of him.

Typical. Probably the worst part in that movie was that we were supposed to believe that John Saxon, a man who can barely do a simple hop kick could beat Bolo Yueng. :rofl:


He was a legend