R.I.P. Marvel

I noticed the sick number of posts I have been erecting all in the name of Marvel. It got me wondering: what am I doing with this game? lol

I think the myriad number of characters/assists :looney: makes the game seem so deep that many people still believe there is a powerful team (rushdown/trap, what have you) that has yet to be discovered. This is a problem. This was my problem. lol

Focus on something that works. Focus on something that you like. Stick with it. When you practice the game, practice objectively to be as productive as possible. Take mental notes of what specifics of your team you DO like, and you will be able to cross that over if you feel the need to play with anyone else.

RIP the exploration of Marvel. There are other games out there that are hungry to be played. :woot:

you mean RIP video games.

sports are where it’s at these days (and they’re healthy, too!) :slight_smile:

unfortunately, the problem with video games is like this-- when tekken 6 comes out, there’s enough you have to relearn when Tekken 7 comes out. have fun relearning every year or else you will not have fun getting crushed by the competition.

but if you want to have fun in bball, football, swimming, soccer,golf, skiing, snowboarding, pool, you name it… generally that game isn’t gonna change all that much, even with new equipment that comes out from time to time. sports are lower maintenance in that sense. low maintenance (i.e., not strider/doom) = good stuff

I think all the ‘exploration’ that you’ve been doing has already been done… That is, the high tier game.

You should explore the low tier world… theres a lot to be uncovered!

are you saying there is nothing left in marvel to be explored? if so, thats flat out wrong. I know for a fact that I got things with strider that people have even started messing with yet and j360 is coming up with IM shit left and right.

and for the record, only the top tier aspect of marvel has actually been figured out. As foxtrot said, low tier marvel hasn’t been figured out. This may be hard to believe but spider man is one of the best low tiers in the game. I’ll drop a whole character in 3 seconds ambiguous style.

for tournament purposes, around 10-11 characters are actually playable. That leaves 40 characters that have barely gotten any play. so tell me again, that exploration is dead.

Its all about your approach. If your approach is, well, the game has been out for 8 years so its pretty much 100% figured out, thats wrong. It should be, well the game has been out for 8 years but what else hasn’t been discovered.

I even stumbled onto a new glitch that takes away you input vs any character in the game about a year ago. Rather useful if you can exploit that shit properly.

OFE…there is still a lot ov stuff to this game that ppl haven’t figured out yet that only the hardcore will stick around to unveil…

There is nothing left in Marvel to explore? Am I done playing Marvel?

No and no. I never said either. I merely said R.I.P. marvel exploration. I spend so much time trying to figure stuff out, I take away my time to be practicing mastering a specific character, which will continue to stunt my development as a competitive player. I appreciate the efforts of those who find out the glitches and the what have you, but I’m more on an execution level now for 2 specific teams. There are other games that I would like to practice more, and Marvel has been draining em’.

I think what you’re trying to say that after you learn a few teams there is nothing to explore with them in terms of competitive play, just practice basic combos and whatnot and then play vs people over and over. Saying RIP Marvel exploration is a terrible choice of words.

As for Shoult, the reason you’re finding things with Strider is because Strider != Magneto/Sentinel/Cable/Storm.

…did you really have to make a thread for this O_o

Gief is teh best player

if I could 360 just a little better, I might start running gief tron. Those 1 hit kill setups aren’t fun to deal with :wow:

this thread is lame

Yea, it’s very lame. The mind really wanders when bored and sitting at a desk, i tell ya. Someone delete this thread, please!


they’re good fried.