R.I.P. Patrice O' Neal

Link :shake:

Such a great and funny comedian. You will be missed! :sad:

I can’t stand the fact that all the good talented ones in Rap, R&B, Comdey, and Entertainment are leaving us 1st but these new-age garbage wannabes that can’t hold a candle to them get to stay.

Loved that Elephant in the Room special (better when you can get it uncensored). It looked like he had the chance to branch out just a bit after the roast, but now we’ll never know.

RIP man. :sad:

Take solace in the fact that these shit acts won’t last but a few years at best, while the true greats have a legacy stretching past that. Even past death.

aww damn, he was just on Jay mohr’s podcast a little while ago…sucks : /

Damn. I was listening to him a couple months back. He was very funny; told things how they were and didn’t hold back. Rest in peace.

I heard about this earlier,sad panda.
Godspeed sir.

barely anyone knows how this guy was probably the most brilliant comedian in the past 20 years. and he was on the verge of blowing up

so sad

Wow, what a shame. The man was hilarious. I saw his Elephant in the Room Special a couple months ago, very funny. Rest in Peace.

I wouldn’t say THE most brilliant. Hell, we’ve lost SEVERAL stellar ‘rising’ comedians over the last few years. Robert Schimmel, Greg Giraldo, Mitch Hedberg, Richard Jeni, the list goes on and on. And that’s not counting the legends we lost, like George Carlin.

Man, Patrice was hella good, but he wasn’t the most brilliant comic in the last two decades.

Oh man, R.I.P. my G.

I was a fan of his. BTW did you know he worked for the wwe as a writer as well

Damn…we lose another good one.
I was just watching The Haters Ball earlier.

Patrice has been one of my faves ever since I saw him on Tough Crowd with Quinn, DiPaolo, Giraldo, etc.




Gotta get off that popeye’s diet.

RIP patrice this sucks for real…shit man Patrice you were one intelligent mother fucker and you had alot of insight on how the world works today
Patrice is in a class of his own just like Dave Chapelle

shit Patrice thanks for all the laughs and other spins on life you were truly a gifted man

Thanks Patrice

If only, Dane Cook is still patrolling around acting like he is in college in his 40s.

Man the Tough Crowd crew gettin’ smaller…one of the best shows on TV.

Patrice was LEGENDARY on Opie and Anthony. I’m gonna miss this big dude.

Come on now. That whole Boston crew was pretty tight(Dane, Bobby Kelly, Patrice…etc.). Dane just chose his own lane. Can’t get mad at him for his success.

I’m kinda still in shock though. Patrice is one of the reasons I started writing. I can only hope that his family is ok. I dunno how dudes like Bob Kelly, Jim Norton and Kevin Hart are taking this.

No Dane is ass, he has never done one funny thing.