R.I.P., Q....... *Takes of Fedora

So I’m late to the party but apparently the voice actor of Q died a few years ago. A Mr. Len Carlson. If only I could’ve asked him what the hell he was mumbling into the microphone during recording for Q’s first round win pose.


R.I.P. Len Carlson.

“Whaja…a bubba di yeargh?!..” --Len Carlson

On a side note: Now that the real Q is dead, does that mean that I’M Q now? Or do I have to kill off those Qs still better than me?

*scribbles Kuroda and UltraDavid’s names onto notebook
*books flights to respective locations

The king of mumblies is dead?!!! :sad:

I also like how his VA for Q isn’t even mentioned on that website. By far his best performance and they don’t even mention it? I’m sure Len is turning in his grave.

Len Carlson actually did a lot of voice acting. He was Bert Racoon in the Racoons cartoon.

Also, where did you meet Kuroda? I saw Hayao in Osaka and wanted to ask him where Kuroda was but I was too scared. Plus, its kinda a stupid question.

Also… where/how can I play you. Q is no longer my main, but hes not dusty yet.

Oh I am no Q, sir. I disavow all Q-ness!

Although I’m sorry to hear about dudeface dying.

…!!! (Traitor)

I’ll take you on! Q on Q battle!! When I get back to the states we can play online.

Hats off :china:

All Q players have their own hats, right?