R.I.P Ryan Dunn :(


Yup Ryan Dunn of Jackass and Viva La Bam fame died in a car accident sometime today.

R.I.P Random Hero


holy shit that is not ok.

Poor guy :frowning:


r.i.p. dude made me laugh alot at his expense.


Well, damn… That sucks.


horrible way to die. sucks. :frowning: RIP


Wow WTF, after seeing that he got back on to TV. ;_;

And Homewrecker was just awesome. Always will be.


This is unbelievable. He was an amazing member of the Jackass crew.

It’s slightly disturbing how OP has a Macho Man avatar, too…


yh i seen someone say this on facebook i was hopping they were joking :frowning:


Damn man that seriously fucked up. :frowning: My condolences to him.



Damn, he was one of my favorite members of the crew to. RIP


How the fuck did Steve-O outlive him?


Been hearing on FB that it was a prank?


no doubt he drove his porsche through a metal guard rail, set it on fire and faked his own death for jackass 3.75

it’s all promotion for his new show on g4tv that started last week


I always thought that it was going to be Steve-O to go first :confused:


Drinking, driving, speeding = death


It’s because Steve-O got clean, otherwise he’d have been dead awhile ago

Also, this is either really suspicious or just Ironic


Found this, BUT… 1. It’s an image of a supposed report. and 2. If it is real, it’s FoxNews…


Faker than Pamela Anderson’s bust.


that’s what I thought, since I googled the text of it and found nothing.

Edit: Debunking that…

and the unidentified person was the co-host of proving ground