R.I.P Shehulk, it was nice knowing yah!



She was a mid-tier character at best with decent damage due to her TAC glitch and great hit-confirming with her cL. Also her slide was amazing but it was her only way to approach on the ground, now that is gone was is she supposed to do? Although she recieved a buff (her emerald canon has more forward range and a charged up runnerstart gives her armor) she also got a lot of unjustified nerfs.
So now everyone dropped the character. Was this Capcoms plan? Do they really hate She-Hulk that much? Will she become the Dan of UMVC3? I suppose time will tell.

And now a moment of silence for the once great Green Goddess…


Pretty sure the Dan of Marvel 3 is Hsien-Ko.


The meta-game is too early to make judgments on.


I don’t know, Hsien-Ko looks a bit more solid now.

Yeah I know, I’m just annoyed she got nerfed at all :stuck_out_tongue:


I am still sad about this with her as I used her yesterday and couldn’t get in at all :frowning: sad day


Dan of this game is Iron Fist.


Dan of this game is Tron

Edit: no, the Sean of this game is Tron. Nerfed from a champion to worst in the game.


I wont drop she-hulk I think she is still viable but you have to be very patient.


I do just fine with shehulk. It’s all about positioning. Instead of beginning attacks from 3/4ths screen away, I just start at 1/2. That slide still hits from there. It’s shorter but still very deceptive. And her chariot is still good and she still has her torpedo reset and awesome air grab range. I just wish that lamppost was more useful.

But I mean really, at the end of the day, if you wanna be competitive, there’s no reason why you should ever use anyone other than Wesker, Dormammu, Hawkeye.


I’m not dropping neither She-Hulk or Tron in my She Hulk/Tron/Doom build. To be honest i have a lot of fun with them and they are not as bad as they look on paper based on the nerfs they got.

The fact that her slide was nerfed only means that i will have to find other ways to get in, but she still hits hard and her jumping C is still very good when used with Doom’s beam assist.

Also, her low slide assist works very well with Doom’s jumping B.


it’s stupid that a character that has a super with wall bounce gets 2 new moves with wall bounce.

to me, the slide was more than a way of approaching, it was a reset tool, I used to kara-air-grab a lot, it was even auto-correct

removing TAC and her ability to call assist during chariot run also made her lose not only in combos, but resets also.

the biggest threat now is her air throw, then you can torpedo otg -> to wall bounce, “do as you wish”

I still can do some tricky stuff, but nothing compared as vanilla

She is low tier now.