R.I.P. Texas Street Fighter: 1999-2007

Today was an important day in the Texas Street Fighter community. For months now, the SRK community has voiced their distaste and hatred for Planet Zero and their events. Many players have actively protested by not attending their events and tournaments, even in their own backyard.

Today was an opportunity to change that: a chance to change everything and make a stance by supporting a locally run and organized tournament in Austin, by the players and for the players. All tournaments were run on console (as per the current US tournament standard), there were adequate joysticks and adapters for all machines, and TVs set-up both for tournament and casuals. It was all there for everyone to come to.

But nobody came.

CVS2 had a whopping 4 competitiors today in Austin. MVC2 also had 4. And, thanks to local Austinites attending, 3rd Strike had 8.

You guys can post for 1000 years about how much PZ sucks, about how much you hate Emotiongear and his tournaments, and about how the scene is divided, but the problem isn’t the events any longer: it’s the players. The players were given an opportunity for a new tournament, and it was rejected (besides the one or two people who actually had finals today). Actions speak one hundred times louder than words, and Houston voted unanimously for Planet Zero today with their attendance (zero players). We had 3 players from San Antonio and one from College Station, so it’s clear that they’re supporting the scene, but out of the large group of people who complained about Showdown Championships, zero of them were in Austin today to support the new tournament.

Clearly, since Showdown Championships had a HUGE turnout compared to the Austin Regional, Emotiongear and Ranma should be in charge of running tournaments because players from all over the state are actually attending their events.

From now on, Austin is leaving the Texas Street Fighter scene in the hands of the only people capable of continuing it: Planet Zero and Ranma0005. The players have spoken, and the decision has been made.

It was fun having a local scene with everyone, but that’s ancient history. See you guys at Planet Zero!

Are you seriously trying to blame the players for the piss poor turn out on this?

See ya at the next PZ tournament! :rofl:

This thread will sink into nothingness, because no one cares about you, PZ, showdown, or emotiongear.

Go suck on some emo gear cock and leave it out of the southwest forum.

:rofl: at this thread

That’s weird, I didn’t see you at Kamui’s tournament. That must mean you are not part of the Southwest community, so how are you posting here? Or were you at Showdown Championships last week? I don’t remember.

Anyway see ya at PZ since they’re the only place that has tournaments now! :lovin:

Didn’t see you at evo south myself, hmm. Interesting.

Now to let this thread die into the pit it is. nice try at trying to get yourself somemore attention though.

The date change could have possibly been the reason for the mass amounts of no shows…I know i had planed to go, but totally forgot they made the date earlier…

Now on the topic of TX SF beein dead, well, thats not set in stone. If things continue at its current rate, yeah, we’ll fall off the map. Yet, it doesnt help when u address the issue in a negative manner. How are u helpin??? Oh, thats right, we’re leavin everything to PZ now!!!

“You can trash on trash all day, but somebody gotta pick that shit up” E-bortion.

Vinnyman and Hitler have spoke the truth in the Showdown Championships thread…poonage, you should try that too.

C ya at a real arcade!!!

What the hell… how are you going to complain about the shortage of people after a “big” tourney like AM… Hell…i have gone and will go to austin when there isnt even a tourney going, but after AM i spent a shitload of money on anime and stuff at AM, so thats why i wasnt able to go to this one…but i wouldnt call it the End of texas street fighter…
apparently feelings were hurt after having only 4 peeps enter the tourney…but it really aint as bad as you are making it out to be.

Must be just your area. Our last tournament had 22 people for marvel. Honestly i didnt even have a clue that austin was having a tournament.

We are thinking about hosting a regional tournament in response to this to prove that the scene is not dead. But are you willing to come?

There was over one month notice of the date change. What did you have to do in one month that couldn’t be rescheduled?

How are u helpin??? Oh, thats right, by not going to regional tournaments!!!

The truth is, Showdown Championships was a really shitty tournament, and Planet Zero kind of sucks.

But they have players. I actually want to play fighting games still, so I will go to Planet Zero.

C ya never, since you don’t go to tournaments outside of your city limit!!!

Well, according to SRK, if you were a real Street Fighter player you would have attended the Austin Regional instead of Anime Matsuri/Showdown Championships.

But you knew about Showdown Championships. I rest my case.

heh what are you talking about? Turnout at Showdown was pathetic, too :looney:

No, but in all seriousness, I’ve got to agree. I’m really disappointed with turnout for tournaments and interest in fighting games pretty much all around here in Texas. We tried to have a tournament about a month ago in San Antonio similar to this one, and we had the same result: hardly anyone showing up, and not enough enough for Marvel to have a tournament. And it’s not just little local tournaments that are having trouble, either. Even turnout at Planet Zero for tournaments has been pathetic lately. In fact, the only tournaments I’ve seen get good turnout since TS6 have been the first regional at PZ (after that, attendance dropped off steeply), and Evo South.

I’m going to try to jazz things up here some for Marvel, starting with getting more people playing (including here at my apt), and releasing a bunch of casual footage between myself, Magneto-X, and Andjita. It’s good stuff :lovin:

Hopefully attendance for future tournaments will be better. I’d like to make excuses for this one (like “the fight” and people studying for finals), but I don’t know if this would have turned out better on any other given Sunday. But hey, maybe there’s hope for the future.

Yeah i knew about it but i chose not to go. I did not wanna spend all that money on a shitty format. IMO showdown hasnt been the same since stargate died.

U of H have finals goin on now, very bad date to pick

You sir are a stooge…I dont give a damn if you think am a “street fighter”(:wtf:) or not. secondly…well…i aint even gonna argue with you…you are just a stooge.
on a real quick note…um…AM had nuki to name JUST one…austin regionals had who? Team austin that got pwned by the japanese who were where? at AM… anyways… see you fuckers at EVO!!!

You are retarded.

Wow. Its one thing to hold a sensible discussion, but to rag on someone u dont even know & make stupid comments?? Well, what can I say, its dumb. Man, Ive been to EVo,TS3, TS4, played at Family FUn (im originaly from L.A.), etc. Get your facts straight.

To your credit, yes, the turn out for the Austin Regionals is kind of sad. Yet, for those who’ve been around long enough, we recognize its not the end of the world. Texas is huge, w/ 4 major cityz w/ a descent amount of players. I feel u man on the topic playin fighters still…I dont think there is anybody who even still bothers to post that doesnt want to play. But the fact is, arcades are dead, and PZ is one that somewhat has the right idea, yet chose to execute them poorly. So, with that said, the fgc, as a whole needs to just step up there game…and not rely on outside sources for support.

You’re right, Anime Matsuri/Showdown Championships was a much more successful tournament. That’s what I’m saying dood! :sweat:

And for the record, Team Austin’s score against Team Japan was 1-1. They beat Japan in the winner’s bracket.

So did UT, but several UT students showed up today to play 3rd Strike. When was your final today?

Great post, you win the thread. The fact of the matter is, the fgc IS relying on outside sources for support. That is what this thread is communicating.

This thread isn’t “communicating” anything other than you don’t know how to post in already made threads because you are an idiot attention whore.

that means so much…thnx