R.I.P. WRX & questions for truck guys/people who have had dead vehicles

So today on my way to Denver, my car’s engine oil guage shoots up to hot and after pulling over to check out the problem, the engine stops completely and dies. The signs were there, salvage title from a sketchy business I bought it from, year after year problems that have left huge dents on my wallet, and ebay parts. After hearing that it would cost me 4-8 grand to drop a new motor, I told the tow truck driver to drop the car off at the second to last final resting stop, my house. So this is where I’m at. What do I do next? There are some things on the car that could be salvaged, like the turbo I had replaced last year, and the tires I got 6 months ago. But who should I talk to? Also, my credit is shitty but I got solid income flowing through for a while so my father was talking about doing a cosign on a lease. My other question is, what is a good reliable truck that is all wheel drive? I was thinking about Toyota Tacomas but they are kind of pricey. I prefer all wheel drive or 4 x 4 due to living in the mountains.


I would say, Go with a chevy maybe. Simply because my dads chevy has been going for 5 years strong without having to fix one damn thing. I mean aside from the usual oil changes, And maybe the oil filter, It hasnt cost him more than 100$ a year.

So I have an issue with my hatchback, About a week ago my brother helped me swap the alternator on my civic because the old one had died, But everynow and then the check engine light comes on. It doesnt always come on when im driving, But out of maybe the 10 or so times I start my car during the day, It comes on maybe 3 of those times. Anyone know whats wrong? My brother thinks we broke a pipe, Since we couldnt drag it up, We had to drag it under and to the left to bring it up near the left side of the engine :(((( I just dont want my baby to fuck up on me again T_T