[R] Looking for 2 practice tools


I remember watching error#### and/or desk using some tool assist program to make those weird videos where he strings together near infinites with abel, chun, etc in SF4. I was wondering if I can find this program and set it up to do inputs for player 2 in 3rd strike so I can practice parrying/punishing BnBs and supers and combos etc.
I already have a program that allows me to have infinite meter and life (for the cps3 nebula emulator) so that would be really nice addition to that.

I’m also looking for a program that will show my button inputs for fba emulator (ggpo), cps3 nebula emulator, or the supercade emulator, cascading down/across the screen so I can practice my kara demon, (which I can not do for the life of me, maybe done it 3 times correctly out of thousands of tries), also would like to see it for buffering and negative edge practice etc.


I think telesniper has a good tool for button inputs. I only say this because I saw he had a way to record button inputs in one of his last videos. As for a tool asist program idk.

But kara demon I can help you with. Alright so you can do TKD, which is just pushing forward and then mp lpx2 toward lk fp really fast. Or you can dash at your opponent, buffer lpx2 during your dash and then press forward mp lk fp kinda fast.

It’s a lot easier than you might think.


the demon almost always comes out on the 5th frame of the chop (first hit frame). I’ve tried doing it a number of ways, never works.

I can kara demon in sf4 very easily btw.


Stop counting the frames and just do it. If you are thinking about fifty different things when you do it, you’re going to mess up. Focus on just pressing the buttons quickly. Then adjust the speed. That’s really it.

It sounds like you’re trying to do TKD and just so you know, that shit is difficult as all hell. I don’t think I’ve ever done more than one time and when I did it I didn’t feel the benefits of being able to do it standing outweighed the convenience of doing it with buffered jabs.


Dude are you new or something?

Anyways, I googled telesniper and all I see is some ironmonk YT channel with Xbox 3soe videos. I play on the PC



Under Lua scripts, it’s called “Scrolling display”. That is standalone and very useful for nailing down execution errors.

Macrolua : This is on the same page, this can be used to record inputs for P2. This will also enable a different type of input display on screen, it is stationary, not scrolling. The inputs will be defaulted to around the Super bars, but if you want them right under the health bars, you can open “input-modules.lua” with Notepad and under “CPS systems”, you’ll see:

"x, dx = "
"y, dy = " Change these to:

x, dx = 0x08, 0x128
y, dy = 0x35, 0x0

This should put the inputs under the Health bars, which makes them easier to see IMO.

Currently I don’t know of a way to use both of these at the same time, though I suspect you could potentially rename “scrolling-input-display.lua” to “input-modules.lua” and put all the files in the same section, then overwrite any files (back them up first!).

Also, for TKD, you need to input Strong at least 1 frame prior to the first Jab, if you press them at the same time, the game only registers the Strong. At least this was my problem when I was first trying TKD.


telesniper on here. He’s a poster.

About TKD, I’m serious, there’s no secret technique that’s going to make it easier outside of your dexterity levels rising. You’re here asking questions and suddenly because I don’t give you the answer you expected you start with the silliness. Use the buffer kara demon for practice right now. That one at least has a lot of different ways of doing and won’t get you jabbed as often because you can execute it earlier during the toward strong than if you were to do tkd.


[media=youtube]YHY6Mk-1NdQ[/media] heres me doing other shit. the lk tatsu can crossup a body if timed correctly and landed to demon the other side. I also like to use c.HK, and c.s.HP on wakeup instead because I can’t TKD T_T


The only advice I can give on TKD is hold towards and hit Strong with your Ring finger, then double tap Jab with your Middle and Index, while you’re double tapping, release your stick to neutral, when you hit your second Jab, hit :f:, then :df:~ Short~Fierce. Both of those directional inputs will count as the towards inputs needed for the TKD. “~” means you try and hit the next input on the very next frame, but it’s not required. You can’t input any of the required inputs on the same frame, or the Demon won’t come out.

Have you tapped your finger nails from Pinky to Index when you were bored? The timing is just like that but without the Pinky. Keep your fingers light, don’t try to mash, be calm and the TKD will come out.

PS, the renaming thing I mentioned in my last post didn’t work… Sorry bout that.


the included reaedme instructions are confusing. where exactly do i extract? just in the ggpo folder? And how do i choose icons (where do i find different options)? And how do I turn it on?


Dont mean to step on any toes here but when doing the kara demon you don’t need to let the stick go back to neutral. You can just do a reverse fireball motion. Learned that one from JR.


You should be able to extract the files to where ever the .exe is.

Scrolling inputs is drag and drop, but for Macrolua, it takes a bit more setting up…

After extracting, open “macro-options.lua” in Notepad and change the default destinations
– name of the macro to be played
playbackfile = “sfz2alj-error1.mis”

– where the macro scripts are saved to and loaded from
path = “.\macro\”

What mine looks like is:

– name of the macro to be played
playbackfile = “macro.mis”

– where the macro scripts are saved to and loaded from
path = “macros/”
I made a folder called “macros” and placed it in the same folder as the macro.lua script. Each time you hit the Lua Hotkey 2, it records, when your finished with the macro, press it again and it will make a new, long named “.mis” file. You need to rename this file to whatever you chose as the name of the playbackfile, in my case it’s “macro.mis”. When you’re satisfied with your current macro, after renaming it (which you can do while the game is paused) just go back in and hit Lua Hotkey 1 to play it.

Note: afaik it doesn’t work inbetween Save States, pressing Load State mid-recording isn’t recorded, so you’ll have to load a state then Lua Hotkey 2 again, each time… If you have a program that can map a button to both Load State, then Lua Hotkey 1 .10s later, that will work.

EDIT: if you open your macro file “.mis” and put under P1orP2 “&1.” no quotes… that will load state 1 prior to the inputs, which makes this much more useful.

Did he mean Red fireball perhaps? If you don’t input the df after the second Jab, Demon doesn’t come out. If you go from towards directly to :qcb:, it doesn’t register the needed direction. What I’m doing with neutral to f-df, is giving me a greater chance of a towards input registering on the correct frame, if you input the second Jab on the same frame as towards, or df, the move isn’t “completed”, if you hit Short on the same frame as those directions, it won’t come out either. Of course I could end up with hitting towards on the same frame as Jab AND df on the same frame as Short, but that’s more unlikely. Which ever it is, I’m sticking with this way as I actually have confidence in TKD now, just df was working but didn’t really feel right for me…




Yeah, I’m just saying use df when you’d normally input forward for a demon so it would be after the second jab.


I think it’s a lot simpler this way, personally but I’m not against using different methods. The reverse fireball motion is for familiarity.

The dash buffered kara demon would be:

(buffer* :lp::lp:):f::mp::df::lk::hp:

*= you can buffer at any time, whether it be during dash, during another attack, during block stun, during hit stun, whenever. If it helps, you can double tap jab and that will take care of both jab inputs.

Here’s a video with the dash kara demon. You can hear the inputs and how fast you typically want to do it to ensure you aren’t jabbed out of it.


Skip to 00:30. I left in too much filler.


lots of people seem to find it easier when they hold the forward they pressed for the f+mp, and just drag it down to df. also if you can double tap that will help tremendously.

another thing that helped me was this old video of Jiro’s hands while he performs it (unfortunately too many garbage videos on youtube to find the right one right now). its probably a little slower than you think, but always the hard part is doing the jabs fast enough :frowning:

i remember when i was first trying to learn this I even used cvs2 training mode cause it had input display (this was like 2007 lol)


that OE doesn’t have input display is the worst


Those Jiro true kara demon videos:

Slow Tutorial



YES! Thanks for finding these!


The scrolling program is drag and drop? What? I extracted the shit into the ggpo folder, turned on FBA single player (japanese). Then tried to play. Nothing. I look at the readme and it says all this vague stuff which I can’t figure out:

Extract the contents of the archive to your emulator folder.
(ok easy part)

Pick the icon set you want and put the filename as “iconfile” in scrolling-input-display.lua.
(I think it wants me to rename one of the png files in the folder to from icons-capcom-16 to iconfile which I did. but what the hell does it mean by the second part. its like a run on sentence, do I put it ‘in’ some file or folder or edit something else?)

Open the emulator, run your game, and find Lua scripting in the menu.
(where do I find this menu?)

Browse to the script and click “Run”.
(where do I find this menu?)


It really baffles me how programmers (without fail) can spend all that time writing code and shit but can’t spend a couple minutes writing out a simple coherent instructions/readme guide.