R.Mika alternative costume



New premium costume leaked


Looks cool.




O_O I love it <3


No-one’s going to be able to block anything.


Love it. 10/10. A+. 5 Stars. Would purchase again.


i am in love!


Her with makeup looks weird


It looks fine. Not sure I’d actually get it though. We’ll see.


can I purchase this with fight money?


I dont think so.


This costume is made to make their salt meters go up. Me likey long time


Will the boa move around alot during the match to make it extra annoying?


My head cannon is Mika went to vegas and saw some show girls and went ‘zomg I WANT THAT ONE!’ And Nadeshiko just shakes her head and sets up the order for her costume ~_~


So, this alt vs v triggered necalli and is glam rock street fighter.
I’ll love it, not seeing anything on the screen besides wonderful plumes and fancy strong hair floating in the air against all the physics law.


R. Kazooie


So this is the new replacement for the annoying Blanka costume?