R. Mika Analyse Thread

I thought I’d make a thread where we can upload our replays and let fellow R. Mika’s to review it. See what we did wrong and how we can improve our gameplay.

-The replay should be a video where you lost or very close to losing.
-For reviewers try to be as helpful as possible by giving real advice and not waste time/space/data by saying “git gud”

Hopefully this thread helps improves everyone game.

Well I saw this thread and I think this a good place for a newbie like myself to start


Any and all advice and criticism is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi sorry for the late reply haven’t came on for a while. I don’t want to stat the obvious but sorry if I do. First I want to say first round I thought you did really good. What you need to practice on, use cr.MP for anti-air its a good anti-air expect for cross overs. V-TRIGGER. Very important. You haven’t used it once. Most of her damaging combos/reset is from her V-TRIGGER. You should go youtube and learn her reset and v-trigger combos. The 2nd round. When you cr.HP at close range it’s very unsafe. Also you got hit by a jump in… Easily counter with cr.MP or if you have faster reaction wingless airplane but I recommend cr.MP since it gives you a 50/50 and easier to react with. Also noticing you are too focus on trying to wingless airplane your opponent. Doing so loses focus on other things. Jump-ins try to rely on reaction while focusing on game plan. Meaty. Another setup you should learn. You did a nice cr.HP to Brimstone but you let your opponent get up right after. You should be on top of him, usually opponent at that level always presses buttons on wake up. Meaning these are free counter hits that can lead into big damage. Learn Mika’s meaty setups. You got Laura into the corner, very nice… but no V-TRIGGER reset/combo. You could have won that round right there, learn Mika V-TRIGGER combos/resets. Especially her corner combos. Crush counter combos, well you went for a reset instead but you threw a bit too early making you whiff the throw. Timing is something you should practice as it is game changer. Whiff punish. You had some good opportunity to get in some damage but you let them go. Especially at the end of the 2nd round. Laura did a random anti air move that whiff. You could have finished the round then as well. Good to see you don’t mash buttons. The first round you did pretty good. But 2nd round you got scared for some reason and became passive. I try make this shorter for 3rd round…

  • chance to anti-air
  • hitting with mp but no followup (can turn into bnb combo or irish whip)
  • hitting with j. lk but no followup (a nice 50/50… can do command throw or frametrap)
  • nice throw to corner but no pressure and she walk out without a fight. (hold your ground)
  • again no anti air
  • holding back way too much putting yourself in bad position(corner)
  • random ult… hit confirm it. (better chances of it connecting since it can be comboed)
  • and finally most importantly you never used your v-trigger! (Mika’s most dangerous move)

Anyways sorry for the late reply. Hoped this helps. If you have some question let me know.

Thanks a lot for the reply now I know what I can work on in training mode. Also one question I do have to ask is: “What are Mika’s best options for closing the distance on opponents?”. Like I definitely want to avoid jumping in as much as possible.

Closing the distance with Mika is like everything else with Mika. Reads. She has no easy way ins, and sometimes a jump is the right answer, just don’t do the same thing every time.

I think something else you should take to training is her s.lk s.mp target combo to m.peach. There were several times where you could have done this as a punish, and hit with something slower instead. The target combo peach combo gives you easy pressure on their wake up, as well as decent damage. After the m.peach knocks them down just dash forward and do f.mk, this will hit a quick or back rise as counter hit, useful stuff :slight_smile:

This is a very good question. The best option is cr.HP imo, but if properly spaced. If you spaced it right you get +frame advantage. I’m assuming you know frame advantage. Now depending on your opponent if you get a counter hit into bnb. They gonna get scared of attacking your cr.HP. Thats when you can start doing 50/50. But that all depends on what your opponent tendencies are. Also HP shooting peach is +frame with proper spacing.

Another one that I usually do is just walk up to opponent press s.LK, you have a bit of option here. You can throw afterwards, or you can LK, cr.LK for minor pressure or do a neutral jump into throw. Also if the LK hits you can go into target combo bnb. Also you use st.MK as its a decent normal doesn’t connect unless you counter hit. But if you are daring you can just walk up and walk back then jump, if he presses a button you’ll get a free jump in.

Charged HK, very dangerous but if you do it when your opponent is not ready for it you can get a 50/50 going or if it hits can link into target combo xx ex-peach/CA. I personally like to do this after air-to-air trades.

I really like to jump in, but only good if you do it at the right time. Usually the right time is when opponent is pressing buttons and can’t recover fast enough. Also when you pressure your opponent so much that he’ll focus on blocking but as long as his reaction is slow. There some more but that all depends on the opponent tendencies and how much risk you willing to take.

But ya.
-cr.HP good if spaced, also very good with v-trigger. You can always v-trigger after block or hit. On block you can go into 50/50 or on hit you can go into big damage combo or a reset.
-walk up and lk/lp or bait, also didn’t mention f+mp(just the clap, not Irish whip) is good at the its furthest distance. It becomes a +frame.
-charge HK if you can do it at the right time(opponent is confused, whiffs, anti-air/air trades)
-and of course the unsafe jump in. But if you jump in and your opponent doesn’t know how to maximize damage/anti-air properly you should take the risk to jump in. As jump in is automatically a 50/50 setup.

Didn’t see S-Laughter post while posting the first one but everything he said is true. Its mainly about reads and knowing your opponent.
I wrote an simple article about when to “read” for beginners. If interested check it out.

Thanks again to both of you for helping me out here. Also the reddit post was an interesting read. I learnt a few things to keep my eyes out for now instead of just auto piloting