R.Mika Beginners Thread: "All right! Let's begiiiin!"

You’re just starting to learn R.Mika, and you don’t know where to start. Well, this is the place to pick up on the beginning concepts for the character.

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what exactly am I supposed to do in the neutral game? I feel like Mika’s pokes are too short to play footsies with anyone, except for HK, which seems risky af to throw out.

That’s precisely what she is. A grappler with ok pokes. Basically in the neutral you need to have a lot of patience and see what they’re doing before making commitments to go in. The buttons you want to use are f+mk, cr.mk, and far range cr.hp to get in. Passion press (F+mp) is also good in the neutral for whiff punishing because she moves forward, and her sweep is too slow to whiff punish most moves. Go into training and work on the ranges of those moves, setup a ryu dummy to whiff cr.mp, cr.mk, and sweep, and see how you can whiff punish them, what works best.

Hey guys, first post on SRK. Never played the game before and I was wondering if her ex.sp is inputted like rekkas? If so can you cancel with v trigger on 1st or 2nd hit? I was contemplating options when hit confirming far jump ins or punishing from far range

^ Her ex move isn’t inputted like a reka. You input the butt slam once and it does all 3 hits.

I see, thanks for the clarification. I’ve seen it only do 2 hits before though, is that only on block?

Yes, thats only on block. No rekkas. Also has anyone found any particular use for her jumping d+mp?

I’ve had some luck with having people block the wrong direction almost as though it’s crossing up, but I’d say it’s far from reliable

Maybe to bait an early anti-air?

Hi guys. I’ve been a long time browser of Shoryuken and this is the first time I’m taking a fighting game seriously. Mika is my favorite character in the game so far and all of the comments on this character forum have been very helpful right now.

Does anyone know what the different between her two grabs are?

How’s it going man, as far as I’ve seen in videos the Tornado Throw does more damage and tosses the opponent backward. Brimstone does slightly less but tosses them forward, both are buffed by her v trigger.

I’m having trouble meatying with f+HP. Do it too fast to target quick rise, get wrecked when they wake up. Try to target quick rise they wake up too fast and throw/jab. Any advice?

Mika has a really good s. lp. Throw it out often when you have nothing better to do. It reaches far and stuffs a lot of things.

Mika has a good walk speed, it’s fine in the neutral to weave in and out and throw some s. jabs. They stuff a lot of pokes.

Mika’s s. mk is obviously good. The recovery is poor though so you want to use it at max range so it clips people on the last active frames if possible.

Mika’s s. mp is something you want to base your game around. Try to get used to hit confirming this as best as you can into her passion press. Even if you can’t consistently, this is a powerful move and should be used often.

Mika’s Charged s. rh should really only be used when you feel it’s going to touch the opponent, otherwise don’t use it. Of course if you do touch the opponent with it, free mixup. On block most people will eat a command throw afterwards but you can mix them up accordingly if not.

Mika’s c. lk seems to be the forgotten poke for her. It’s a great move that reaches far. In fact this may be the best low poke in sfv, so use it! Throw it out whenever and make people watch their feet. It reaches so far that people must respect it and this lets you walk forward into your preferred s. mp poke range.

Hope this helps.

F-hp is a great move and mostly used on their wakeup/part of a combo/CC punish. It’s really important to mikas gameplan so suggest you hit training mode. You can set dummy to quick rise with jab etc, so you can practise timing.

If they block it you are +3 frames! So you can make them guess with more hits or a throw etc. After a blocked f-hp you are just in range for a ex punch grab, only way out for them is to jump or maybe walk back if not in corner.

Of course and using it to CC punish dragon punch etc, see the combo thread for that.

Shout if you have any more questions as I’ve played a fair bit of Mika now.

Do any of these buttons happen to whiff on crouching opponents?

Funny enough, no, they don’t.

Pretty sure all buttons hit crouching as well.

Just to mention when someone is pressuring you with strings. Mikas fastest counter poke is lp or cr-lp, you will usually score a counter hit which means you can link to mp. Although they usually get pushed back so I usually go from lp straight to rope throw which is blockable but good chance to hit.

Also I forgot her c. rh. How good that move is depends entirely on how good you use the rest of your moves. At first it seems like a relatively slow slide that really isn’t any good. Statistically, that is correct. However if you make people want to back away from you, then have to hold back…(not down back, where they can block the slide) and thus they’ll eat it.

You want to put them into frame trap situations where they have to be wary of command grab/s. mp/f+fp situations because those don’t involve blocking low. If you look at Mika’s sweep it really doesn’t look that good but I end up hitting people with 2-3 slides a game because of the rest of her game. If not, keep tapping people with her amazing c. lk as many times as it takes for people to respect your other buttons, then go from there.

I know it’s counterintuitive for a c. lk low move to open people up to a slide, but that’s how it works.

I’ve also had luck using this as a punish for certain moves that cause the opponent to move forward. It is definetly, as mentioned, a good cross up though. You just have to learn the timing for it when jumping above an opponent. In short like a lot of her ‘tricks’ its a good shenanigan and gets less useful the more it is used, but is an extremely effective surprise.