R.Mika Combo/Tech Thread: "Pull Out All The Stops!"

Want to know what the best punish or Crush Counter combo R.Mika has? Any character-specific combos to maximize your damage? What’s the best no-meter combo you can do? Farthest corner carry? All of these questions can be answered here.

Also, have a crazy set-up to share? A new mix-up that you want others to test out? Share all your best tech as well!

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-Absolutelly metterless, it seems like it’s f.HP and then dropkick

-f.HP, walk forward, f.HP cancel into Nadeshiko (holding forward), dropkick, EX wing is almost 400 damage with 1 bar and V-Trigger

@Hardc0re combo is 336/455

These are corner-only (but that’s where we want them right?)

327/530 - st.hp xx trigger, st.hp (hit) st.hp xx ex.sp
321/535 - st.mp, st.hp xx trigger, st.hp, (hit), st.hp xx hp.sp

Anyone have some good bnb’s?

R.Mikas F-Fierce is stupid good. It is safe on block and if hit hits you get a RH anti air grab. If it is blocked you get F.MP frame trap. So freaking good.

her best no meter Crush counter punish that i have found is F-HP -> RH Ant-Air

Being +3 on block is so crazy

  • st.mp, st.hp xx trigger, st.hp (hit) fwd.mp -> fwd.mp, fwd.hp, ex.sp does 338/535 in the corner

Edit: - st.mp, st.hp xx trigger, st.hp (hit) fwd.mp -> fwd.mp, fwd.hp, hk.Wingless also does 338/535 in the corner but for one less meter.

I haven’t been able to find this anywhere and when testing during the beta couldn’t figure out, but can someone please tell me if there is any start up recovery or frame difference between the different buttons on her command throws? Additionally is there a point to EX other than damage? It felt like it was at least a bit lenient, but maybe that was just me.

EX also have increased range, not just damage.

I cant say for sure but i believe it gives you a few frames of invincibility on startup. It will easily get snuffed though. The frame data is the same betqeen the two throws though to my understanding. The punches do more damage.

I’ve found that a good crush counter would be

F.hp, dash, f.hp xx f.v-trigger, charged hk, ex. Wingless

Update on this one.

  • st.MP, st.HP xx trigger, st.HP, backward.MP -> backward.MP, backdash, st.HK (charged), ex.Wingless does 347/535


but sends them out of the corner.





A few midscreen combos:
cl.MP, st.HP xx trigger, fwd.MP -> fwd.MP, backdash, forwarddash, hk.Airplane – 294/445
cl.MP, st.HP xx trigger, fwd.MP -> fwd.MP, backdash, forwarddash, ex.Airplane – 306/445

cl.MP, st.HP xx fwd.trigger, st.HP, hk.Airplane – 313/500
cl.MP, st.HP xx fwd.trigger, st.HP, ex.Airplane – 328/500

cl.MP, st.HP xx fwd.trigger, st.HP, fwd.HP (air juggle), ex.Airplane – **357/555 **



Ah sorry, I was unclear. I meant between light medium and heavy.

As command throws move from l > m > h, it’s less range and more damage

Midscreen Reset:
f+HP (CC), dash, cr.HP
Varying your timing on the cr.HP will change whether she ends up on the left or right side. Input cr.HP quickly to crossup, delay slightly to end up on same side. Kinda like her old corner reset that got removed in previous beta’s.

Corner reset with cross under on CC:

In corner - F-hp (cc), walk back a little, f-hp, d-mp, dash forward.

If you change the timing you can stay on same side.

VT mix up:

D-hp ~ VT (back), mk wingless, f-hp, ex wingless.

If they jump after VT, your wingless will catch them. Otherwise your wingless will mean they get hit on other side, really hard to reaction block this. They will go into spin, you then launch and get ex air grab.

A bunch of bnb’s, v-trigger combos and a few resets.

Thanks, also all of the combos can be done after v-skill too (for added insult to injury)

Also ex.wa can be replaced with ex.sp. It seems like you can also combo off of midscreen passion rope throw if you backdash then do a charged leg drop.

f/b+mp, bwd.dash, st.hk (charged), ex.sp (ex.wa is possible, but doesn’t seem consistent)

this can also corner carry from just to the left or right of half-screen.

Edit: Also if anyone was wondering, the v-skill (5 levels) also powers up the CA:
[] 360 > 540 (lvl 1)
] 360 > 720 (lvl 2)
[*] 360 > 1053 (lvl 3)