R. mika dodgeball challange!

Guys I want to set up a challenge.

With Menat’s Orb of course.

#MikaDodgeballChallenge (if we wanna turn it into a movement)

(I really want to make this it’s own thread, can you guys show me how)

Trust me, this is gonna be fun.

Let’s use out intuitive skills with R. Mika’s abilities to show how GREAT we are!

Imma post a video. Pay attention to difference in gameplay. It’s not a rush down approach, but a strategize one.

Remember this concept “ball me man”

ALWAYS pay attention to the ORB.

Do all that is needed “skillfully and cleverly” I may add to break line of attack with the Orb.

(My concept is to challenge our reflexes and fighting creativity. We need to evolve and change our “strings”.
Look at as a refresh that will force you to change your game. Hopefully for better.

My challenge is to post video showing that.

Remember the videos with the least to no hits with the ORB will amazingly be the BEST!

I made this her (Menat) first day. It’s what sparked the idea.


I’ll post some gameplay to start it off. What y’all think?