R.Mika General Thread: She's Stone Cold

Judging Fuudo’s performance throughout this year, I don’t see big buffs to Mika next season, either massive nerfs. I’d say, some few adjustments, especially around her footsies.

Mika not that popular. Why guys?

There is no easy win with Mika since 2.1. She was always a fairly technical grappler. Yeah she could spam meaties but other than that the rest of her game relies on a lot of match up heavy knowledge. What season 2 did was removed ‘the easy win’ and a bit of her flashiness. Without them she is a pretty tough character to really get into. Fuudo is the only person who truly uses her. Du uses her for very specific match ups but he is mostly Guile. Louffy left but keeps her in pocket just in case… He is the only true main and a pretty quiet one at that since he mostly gets 2nd. The pros have a huge effect on popularity. I like Mika a lot, but I can see why others would choose a character with easier options, more flashiness, or less technical match up knowledge so early into the characters learning curb.

I keep trying to tell people that, but the season 1 hate seems to keep sticking and all I get in response is “you still have your corner game”. I’m giving them logical reasons why I feel that she needs some sort of buff but that’s the response I always get.

Well, since it got brought up again I am curious what your buff desires are specifically @C100. Normally when we (the mika forum not you in particular) have conversations about buffs it always sort of devolves into wishlists. So let me ask it this way. If you could have one thing that would make you truly more COMFORTABLE playing R.Mika what would you request?

Guys, check this thread: R.Mika Season 3 - what should we expect?

The one thing that would make me more comfortable with Mika is if her frames on her cr.hp on hit were changed. There’s almost no other use for the move except for vtrigger activation. At the very least, make it 0 or +1 on hit. You shouldn’t be able to jab me if I hit you when I use this move, especially when it’s -6 on block.

Haven’t been here in a while, I just want cr.LK , st.LP to combo again.

Love this

Pretty sure the chair is my new VT at least for the first month. Omg.

I bet chair Nadeshiko is about combo extender and high stun damage basically.

Her new trigger is gonna be fun to watch!


That looks great - it must be part of their “new extenders” v-triggers because she hits twice allowing a much longer combo. I wonder if the 2 hits from Nadeshiko combo on their own, and if Mika is going to get a new v-skill (please.)

Also - anyone else think its kinda cute/ naive that they say “new mix ups!” with Mika, then have her do a wingless airplane to jump over an opponent, then hit a non-charged s.hk? Like its some kind of Ibuki dash level crazy lol. Yeah “mix up” lol

I looked closer and I think Nadeshiko actually hits Juri 3 times

The new v’s for her have both a v-trigger activation and a during v-trigger activation - does this mean she controls the timing of the chair hits?

I do have no idea how her new v-trigger works.

@Raccon @mykka @HanDred_Fist

Here is some VT2 dirt

Stunning. Thanks for the dirt.

Really wonder which buffs/nerfs she will get.