R. Mika Hit Box Video in Slow Motion



Heya Mika players! I hope you find this resource useful.
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Enjoy everyone! Keep on smacking fools with dat ass!


Wow, that f.dash hurtbox!

Is that how everyone works?


I have Vega’s hitbox video up and his hurtbox looks to be a bit smaller than hers on the f. dash. I haven’t done everyone, so I’m not sure how the others stack up. I’m currently working on Nash’s hitboxes (given that Infiltration won FR19, it just made sense) so we’ll see how his dash stacks up.

EDIT: Also, YAY! Glad these videos are helping someone out! =)


Awesome, I’m definitely going to watch all of these later (got through some just now). My only regret with having SFV on PS4 and not PC is that I can’t use these kinds of mods for testing stuff.

I’ve been using sources that just capture stills of the moves while active, but some have hitboxes in different places on different frames and my resource doesn’t break it down frame by frame.

What I Learned While Watching this Vid for just 2 mins:

s.hp - Confirmed Godlike anti-air button. Some of us had already been positing that it was really good for this, but the hitbox info I found for it didn’t show the late active frames. This button lowers your hurtbox a LOT during startup (Mika’s head’s hurtbox basically vanishes until the hitbox becomes active). Once active, the move has great priority in front, but in the late active frames it has a hitbox with awesome priority UP and IN FRONT of her. The hixbox moves from a horizontal to diagonal angle on the late frames.

Seriously, shoto jumping mk/hk can suck it.


That’s why I’m here! Glad I was able to help. I am trying my best to get through these as quickly as possible, but it’s a CRAP ton of editing.

The OTHER reason I’m here. I noticed this when someone put up all the hitboxes for SF4. Someone put up stills of all moves’ hitboxes and while helpful as a quick and dirty resource when you don’t have access to video, they don’t show the whole picture.

The main reason I’m here. I want to help folks figure out their stuff faster and help them stop getting jacked by the current dominant characters. I don’t play Mika, but I was really impressed with her cr.HP hitbox right near the end, but it’s super important to know that it isn’t that good for the entire move.


Yeah, and Mika players had our collective minds blown when we realized just how low the hurtbox is on c.hk a few days ago. Thanks again for posting - I’ll definitely be giving this the attention it’s due when I have some more time to spend in the lab later tonight.



why does your hurt box (the yellow box?) extend/enlarge so much after using a move? especially cr HP, it’s so big!

edit: whats the name of the soundtrack at 3:20, that was in her trailer!

edit: did mika’s hurtbox disappeared during V trigger activation?


I’m pretty sure the hurtboxes are the green outlined shapes rather than the translucent yellow ones.


OK! So that had me confused at first too. The giant yellow area as far as I can tell is the block proximity activation area. So if your opponent is holding back, they will walk back until your yellow box touches their hurtbox (that’s the kind-of-hard-to-see usually green box) at which point they will be forced into the blocking animation… Oh, and when you see the green box turn red, that means it’s projectile invulnerable, fyi.

The name of the song is “Final Race”. Funny story: I’m not trying to monetize these videos, but that video immediately got flagged for copyright issues because of that song specifically. All that means is I’m not allowed to monetize that video, but I had no intention of doing so to begin with.
In fact, if this specific video begins to show adds, they are not of my choosing. I have no control over ads being put into a video that someone else has claimed the rights to.

Yes. Yes it did.

It also disappears during the active frames of her EX Wingless Airplane. :smiley:


There is a time freeze during v trigger activation though, so there is no advantage to it.