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M.Bison Match-Ups Index Thread

Of course the matchup I have the most trouble with has nothing posted lol

Gonna try to snatch that dropkick up with V-Skill. Maybe the uppercut too since it’s +3 but looks like it takes a while to finish the animation for a +3 move. Dunno if it’ll be fast enough for that one.


I think just doing lk or st.FP will stuff it. Definitely consider doing psycho ball or fountain.


Yeah tried it at a local thing tonight and got it to work, then got crush countered another time. So fuck that. Psycho Ball should beat it clean for similar damage and less risk. I’ll try pillar as well, I feel like it’ll work but do less damage having her just run into one hit and bouncing off.


Her pokes are really good, but i think bisons mid-game is better than hers. Play smart and wait until mika fails


I’m more looking for things to do in case your zoning fails. Emergency measures against her close range game.

Obviously Bison has the tools to not be in that situation, but eventually a good player is gonna get in. Need something to narrow my options down and find a way out.


Haha, everyone’s like busy grinding matches online.

Honestly I don’t have enough match up experience to tackle write ups. It’s gonna need a huge group effort and why we have individual threads here for bigger concentrated discussions rather than one jumbo thread.

So far oki is pretty nutty with her. Blocking the charged dropkick is +2 for her and like if you backdash there’s a good chance she’s throwing out s.MP and tagging you with it. I’ve tried to vskill absorb it on reaction but it’s difficult to time. Might need some training mode practice on that.

You can pressure her on wake up with df.HP and break the EX-Shooting Peach.

Confirm s.MP, c.MP xx MP Inferno, whiff s.HK, and df.HP. If corner her with this, you can throw her right after the df.HP gets blocked for +1 advantage.
In the corner, forward throw, dash immediately and if she quick rises you can meaty her EX-Shooting Peach again if she does it, if not you’re in the zone for pressure.

Backthrow df.HP crushes EX-Shooting peach again on quick rise

I find that LP Blast is pretty decent in footsie range against drop kick but you don’t wanna get too predictable


Here is an hour long set between my Bison and a friend’s Mika:

Maybe it will be useful in these discussions. Feedback is appreciated.


tbh, this a really bad match up


You honestly can’t do anything on wake up, but dash back.


It’s a single hit, how exactly does it break EX Peach? I know other options like HK get beat out.


You meaty it just like any other attack in the game. The armor is active for the upper body from frames 3-9. Bison can meaty her and pretty much beat it to stop her from abusing it on wake up.

s.MP, c.MP xx MP Inferno, s.HK or s.MP whiff, df.HP


Can you use this meaty setup vs other reversals?


Yes, this works universally even against Gief and Laura. Obviously invincible DPs pop through it.


Using V-skill on reaction against drop kick is amazing.


V-Reversal is your best friend in this match up. Gets you out of a lot of V-Trigger setups, and most importantly, wake-up pressure.

I really suggest just blocking against Mika, and using V-Reversal pretty often. She has a hard time getting in so getting the knockdown off of a successful reversal is huge. Her normal and command throws do decent damage, but getting hit with a Crush Counter is a one way trip to the corner.

Vary your wakeups as well! You have 3 wakeup timings so try one and see if it catches the Mika off guard.

Aside from that, spacing Mika isn’t terribly hard, as Bison easily out ranges all of her pokes aside from slide and dropkick. You can space those pretty easily as well since they’re pretty slow - just don’t walk yourself into the corner trying to whiff punish. If you can control her at long and mid range, SHE WILL JUMP. Get ready to AA and get yourself free damage and ideally, the knockdown. Once she’s on the ground, throw or use a tight meaty setup, she can’t do much against either and is forced to guess.

If the wakeup pressure doesn’t work, then get yourself some space using Psycho Blast at the end of your string if needed. EX Psycho Ball is pretty good in this matchup since she doesn’t really have much in terms of dealing with projectiles if spaced correctly.

Overall, just play it safe and punish her hard. Don’t overextend or do something stupid because you’re getting impatient! That’s a great way to get knocked down and lose to the mixup.


Just got to play the Mika matchup for an extended set (about 30 games) today and keeping Exceed’s tips in mind I went from losing by a lot to winning by a lot. The main key to the matchup is not overextending yourself. And meaty setups, always.

Also I tested the V-skill vs drop kick tech that iGuile posted; not sure if you guys know this but you can cancel V-skill into super, both the charge and the projectile. Both combo against drop kick.


Mika vortex is broken


Could you guys upload some replays of some of your worse R.Mika losses and post them in here? I want to see what are the worst scenarios right before being put into the blender.


Sometimes you just gotta hold up, man. Just hold up on the stick, let them know that you will do that shit to them.