R.Mika Match Up Thread



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She can be annoying when she gets in but Guile has plenty of tools to keep her out imo.


I’ve played this match up a lot and right now I think it’s a good match for Guile. The first few sets I played I got wrecked but I figured it out in the end. She has to do something unsafe to get near him and that’s pretty much why he wins. She can’t just sit back and gain V-Meter either because you can just V-Skill boom her. Of course you can get wrecked if she knocks you down but that’s no different to the rest of the cast vs Mika.

EDIT - I think I just found out that if you try to v-reversal Mika out of her v-trigger and you do it too late so it doesn’t knock her down, she gets a free command grab. I could be wrong though - I’ll test it tomorrow but it just happened to me and I was surprised. You might be able to jump out of it though.


Pretty sure you’re about even with your opponent on blocked VR, so you should be good to either ex.fk or neutral jump.


Played this a lot more and I will reiterate that I think Guile slightly wins. Even when I lose sets it’s usually down to not knowing the frame data on one of her moves, or mixups I haven’t learned. Basically once we familiarise ourselves with Mika and her gimmicks the more I think Guile can succeed.


I played Mika in Alpha and mained her prior to Guile’s release for 5. It’s going to come down to keeping her out. She’s basically like the old Zangief match-up, but instead of a 1f spin, she has her mix-ups.

If she pushes you to the corner, you’re (obviously) going to have a bad time. If she gets to point blank, you’re going to have a bad time. In the neutral, once she gets meter, her damage potential goes up really quick.

She has no wake-up options though, so you can apply meaty setups all day. I don’t think she’s got much for jumping in either - the flash should beat out any d.mp (splash thing) malarkey and it definitely beats out her regular jump-ins.

Don’t be predictable with your booms as her slide, ch.hk, and hp.peach (and ex.peach, but armor is only from 3f) can get through with the right timing - it’s tricky, so just vary your speeds and have some fake telegraphs ready to send.

She gets really positive oki from any clean peach hit (air hits change the timing somewhat), brimstone, crouch throw, or ex.wingless. She can also cover KD and KDR recoveries quite easily - so be ready.

I really think this is one of those match-ups where on paper it’s a 5-5, but in reality it’s right down to who can keep it together. She should have to work really hard to get in and Guile will need to stay real steady once (if) she does.


I think the sobats are really strong in this match up and I think b hp is very weak. It misses most of her extended limbs and whiffs over her slide completely I believe. Cr mk seems pretty good and cr mp is solid too.
I think you have to be moving around a lot to stay out of mika’s range so you should be using cr hp to anti air most of the time.
St hp destroys her charged st hk if you know it’s coming.
Mika’s roll (cr hp I think) is plus from max range and guile doesn’t have any 3 frame moves so you have to be careful. Good mika players will probably try to stay in that range, but you can use back sobat, sonic booms and just stick out normals to make it harder for her.
I think sweep is usually a bad idea against mika because she can punish with irish whip. Save it for punishes only.