R.Mika Q&A Thread: Mic Night

R.Mika is all about teamwork in SFV. So ask and tag in for your fellow team mates to help each other represent strong for Rainbow Mika. This is the thread to ask all your random burning questions and tips both technical and basic that you might not feel fits in other threads.

50 R. Mika themed Capcom Fighters Network names

  1. AndHerNameIsRMika (And his name is John Cena meme)
  2. ONLYUSEmeMIKA (ONLYUSEmeBLADE, Call of Duty youtuber)
  3. CompareTheMikaDotCom (Compare the meerkat, compare the market dot com UK TV advert)
  4. CallmeMeeka (50 Cent Meek Mil Diss)
  5. Mikachu (Pikachu)
  6. MCMikaInDaHouse
  7. MikaOnDaMicMC
  8. DJMika
  9. MMAMika
  10. NarutoMika (English and Japanese voice actors are the same people who did the Naruto voices)
  11. ChickenTikkaMika (just like the sound of that and food related)
  12. ReeferMika (I don’t actually smoke though)
  13. HatsuneMika (Hatsune Miku anime character from Vocaloid)
  14. PikaMika (Pikachu again)
  15. MikaColada (Pina colada)
  16. Mikado (Japanese snack aka pocky)
  17. CrunchyMikado
  18. mmmmmMika
  19. MikaThirst
  20. RedboneMika
  21. SnowbunnyMika
  22. SweatyGiefAdmirer
  23. Mika4SweatyGief
  24. TasteTheRainbow (Skittles / R. Mika play)
  25. MyLittleMika (My Little Pony)
  26. PrincessShootingPeach (Princess Peach / Shooting Peach play)
  27. MikiMikaMikuMo (Silly one like eeny meeny miney mo)
  28. RMikaSweatFest
  29. UnexpectedMika (Unexpected Cena meme again)
  30. SweatyMika
  31. MikaTargaryen (Game of Thrones)
  32. Mika4Khaleesi
  33. MikaGotABodyLikeWoah
  34. RMikaHaveYouFun (Ono said ‘Have you fun?’ one time. You know his engrish is hilarious)
  35. RMikaGotNext
  36. AWildRMikaAppears (Pokemon meme)
  37. WildRMikaAppeared
  38. BonitaMika (Laura + R. Mika)
  39. MikaGotThemCakes
  40. BabyBackBonita (probably better for a Laura main)
  41. PeachyMika
  42. RMikaSatOnYou
  43. ShootingMilkAtMika
  44. ShotgunMika
  45. MikaOnDemRoids
  46. Twerk4MeMika
  47. RMikaOnFleek
  48. MikaWaifu4U
  49. SweetCheeksMika
  50. NoticeMeSenpaiMika

Feel free to use and suggest other names if you have already decided on a name but have other ideas to share.

RainbowCyclone ?

Example Questions:

“What are some of the best uses for R.Mika’s meter?”

“Does anyone know what I did wrong in this match here <insert some mika match>?”

“How can I get that sweet ass new costume!?”

Example Answers:

"I have found that EX Shooting Peach is great for reading pokes and punishing fireball users at a certain range. EX Wingless Airplane is another frequent of her meter use both for her Passion Ropes combos as well as for movement in otherwise unsafe situations due to its invincibility frames after start up.

I tend to use EX Peach a lot more when people stay on the ground and Ex Wingless when people jump a lot…"

“It looks like your opponent was running away a lot and you got punished for closing in. You had the life lead here, so using her V-Skill is good for luring normally defensive people towards you as long as you keep your timing for it right. Other than that your play looked fine to me.”

“I’m pretty sure that costume is a premium Zeni exclusive. Unfortunately our fight money won’t let us get it so you’ll have to buy it with cash/Zeni”

As you can see a lot of these questions might tangentially fit in with other threads, but are either:
just beyond the beginner or below advanced level (ie when to save your meter, when to use it, timings for VSKill, mind games, etc)
tend to be more about your own specific play and are not directly match up oriented
or just are random R.Mika focused questions about the game, story, etc.

Hope this helps others figure out what sort of posts make sense here so we can get the ball rolling.

How best do you use R Mika V Trigger in footsies? Situation: you’re playing against a non-zoner, you’re both in neutral, you have a full gauge. Besides a cr.HP xx VT (which I’m not quite sure the input to make her come in anyway but from the top?).

Any advice for landing meaties properly? I’m trying f+HP like in the montages but without practice it’s not quite leading to a bountiful set of hits … often it leads to me getting hit somehow, unfortunately. This is probably just L2P but figured I’d try asking.

What are her best normals that AREN’T st.HK and f+HP/f+MK? Haven’t been using f+MK, cr.MK, etc because I feel like I’m just pressing buttons when I do that, I don’t “get” what they’re for.

Standard s. mk is a strong meaty that you can link to a bunch of things. s. mk counterhit. s. mp, passion press is a combo so people can’t goof around with that. Regular meaty s. mk, s. lp is a combo so you can handle that however you want, whether with the qcf+lp followup or the mixup.

For her V trigger in footsies, after a point, you gotta earn it =P

You can link st.mp after a regular meaty s.mk, just FYI. I did extensive testing today on frame data. st.mk meaty is dead 0. So if they block and they know this and 3f jab and you do as well with st.lp, it will trade.

I am still a little confused as to what Mika’s gameplan and playing style are. Given strong command grabs, f.hp trap and her f.mp whip, I take it she entirely revolves around mixups in the corner until they are dead?

Besides that she seems underwhelming, and if she is a mad mindgame player, I’ll have to abandon her for a few weeks while I level up in general.
Or somehow learn the mixups

R.Mika is definitely a mind game character. A lot of what she does is shenanigan when it comes to how she deals damage. She is fairly middle ground in about every respect, but that is part of her charm in my opinion. She has a tool to do just about everything and a giant toolbox of shenanigans so that your opponent always has to be on their toes and can’t really risk as much because of that. She definitely requires a good knowledge of situations, since she has less ‘comfort situations’ and ‘comfort moves’ than most characters making her fundamentals a little harder to grasp. So you may not like her if you would rather have things be a bit more predictable. But most grapplers are this way and require set up and reading the opponent to be effective.

As for her play style her end game is /usually/ corner play, but she is by no means useless in neutral. She has a lot of decent pokes and a lot of ways to lure opponents and counter pressure. These are what you use to wear down an opponent or get them closer to the corner. The main downside of her style is most likely (though new tech might shift this as the community learns her more later on) the fact that if you ‘guess wrong’ she can have a bit more trouble recovering from using the wrong ‘trick’, since most of her toolbox is ‘average’ due to how expansive it is.

I will say, though, that while she may be a challenge to learn the basics from, she is by no means ‘unusable’ by beginners. Her mind games and shenanigans matter a lot more at the higher levels, but since her combos are fairly straight forward and her pokes are pretty good she has a fairly solid and reliable game against most beginner opponents. Make that of what you will in terms of your own game plan in how to approach leveling up in the game in general.

I hear you, thanks. I read up on some of her pokes.

So would an example of corner game be, say, you whip them into it and hit them when they bounce back, putting them into that backflip invuln state. That animation gives you many positive frames to:
A) go for a meaty f.hp
B) try a command grab (I imagine I should usually set them up with jabs first)
C) go for jab, f.mp combo to start the whole thing over again.
D) block

That seems strong, and maybe not the hardest thing to grasp. I’m still trying to learn pressure and hitconfirm in the first place.

Yeah, I’m not really a combo-y kind of person, but R.Mika’s are so straight forward and are basically pro-wrestling moves that I really don’t have an excuse not to eventually get them. Normally I try to go for a Lady Mika into an EX Wingless after Passion Ropes wall bounce.


Here. I am pretty sure most of these still work in the official release. Her heavy kick gets a lot of mileage in corner set ups, so learning the charge timings for that is a pretty useful thing to learn in general for her corner game.

I haven’t really thought of a way to help you learn pressure, but it naturally comes along with figuring out a combination of footsies and learning when a move you can use cannot be punished by an opponent. So frame data and general move testing in various situations is probably a generally good idea for improving that. As for hit confirms, frame data is another really useful thing here. Generally R.Mika’s light punch can confirm into Rainbow Tornado if in the corner and light kick I have found can confirm into either of her command throws with a bit of practice. But use frame data to find moves that are either neutral or increase block stun, then test the move to see how far it pushes your opponent away and the range. Doing this will give you an idea of things that can confirm in general and from there you can figure out your own set ups for whatever character your using.

Hope this helps you out a bit.

Thanks HanDred_Fist, that was a great write-up!

Yo HanDred_Fist I don’t think the heavy kick links to the medium anymore? Unless I’m just fucking up.

Hm? Medium what?

yeah after a normal HK (charged) hits, you can only link into lk/lp or CA or ex peach.

FYI, jab only combos into MP on counter hit, and then you may be too far away to link into rope throw (f-MP ~ f-MP). so don’t use jab as part of the corner reset game.

Mikas game plan is all about the corner, if you hit your opponent from anywhere on screen with a rope throw, you can corner them with 1 ex bar. rope swing to closest corner, dash back, ch.HK, delay slightly then ex peach.

Once in corner you are making them guess. So if they are knocked down, you can meaty f.HP, or MP into rope throw, or grab or block (in case of invincible reversal). Some reset examples below…

On their wakeup in corner - f-HP

meaty f.HP hits normal, d.MP to reset. Then either MP / grab / block.
meaty f.HP hits CC, f.HP, d.MP to reset. Then either MP / grab / block.
meaty f.HP hits CC, walk back a bit, f.HP, d.MP to reset, dash forward to cross under. Then best followup is MP due to the confusing cross under situation.

On reset - MP hits

link into rope throw towards corner, f-HP, d.MP to reset. Then either MP / grab / block.
link into rope throw towards corner, d.HP to do a faster reset. Best follow up is kick command grab as this all happens so fast its tough for them to react, you can also input the grab during recovery of d.HP with no delay. Bear in mind the speed of the d.HP reset means they can jump before MP hits, so it will still hit but not give you the follow up, they will just reset in air. MP after the d.MP reset will hit meaty and give you the followup if they hold up.

Of course from a reset you can go into any of the combos involving meter/air grabs/VT etc. The above is just an idea of reset options.

My set play in corner is usually to get the first reset (from meaty f.HP or rope throw), then go for MP, rope throw into d.HP for a 2nd reset into kick command grab. I think many peoples first instinct against mika corner reset is to hold up, so if they are the MP will hit them out of jump startup on the first reset. They get reset again and stop holding up, instead holding block, so the command grab gets them. Of course each person handles this differently, so you will have to adapt your resets to their play style.

We need to be aware of the invincible reversal which amazingly people still use quite abit, so if they do dragon punches quite often, after a reset try walking back to see what they do. This will avoid any normal throws but allow you to block and punish any of those reversals.

Hi All,

I’m having trouble beating Bison on Survival Mode on Normal? Any tips?

Dont go for any command grabs, the CPU knows! Try and stick to usual footsies/safe strings.

How often do you throw out f.HP in neutral, if at all? Is it a good tool to fish for CC’s?

I normally find the range is too low on it to fish for cc. It /does/ make them nervous about air game though.